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Finding weaning really hard... HELP! :'(

Hi Ladies,

I decided to start weaning JJ (5 months on Sunday) about a week ago, as he is going through so much milk and doesn't seem satisfied. He is showing all the classic signs that he needs weaning, similar to that of my now 19 month old daughter.

The only problem is that he wont entertain any kind of solid food! I've tried: Baby rice, rusks, cearilac (bad I know but I was desperate), all kinds of Ella's Organic foods - but no he just spits it out and then cries and we both end up frustrated and upset. As of the last two weeks J has been taking 6 8oz bottles a day. He rarely goes 3 hours between feeds. I never had this problem with Alex, I was so lucky and she took to weaning like a duck to water. As my DH is out of the country I am doing this on my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

G, Alex & JJ x



  • hey, im probably not much help but ill have a go, we started weaning ciara last week...she has 3 hourly milk feeds and lets me know when its time to put the kettle on....anyway i made her a load of frozen veg/fruit following t5he annabel karmel book and she has literally been tasting the foods, she had 5 mini-spoons of sweetpotato today which is the most shes taken so far..but having the milk aswell. im just trying to ake it at ciaras pace.....have a funny feeling its going to take a while!
  • have you tried hungry baby milk? might be better to give him the more filling milk so that when you do try food you know that he is already satisfied on his milk? i started emily at 16 weeks by just giving her a spoonful at brekfast and dinner to get her used to the different tastes so that when i did introduce a meal she was used to it. i just made my own little dishes with sweetpotato, carrots, swede and butternut squash mixing and matching for different flavors. also, are you offering the food after his bottle? hes more likely to experiment on a full belly rather than something strange when he's hungry.
    hope this helps
    clare x
  • Thanks for the replies girls..
    J is already on Aptamil stage 2 hungry baby milk. I always offer him food about an hour after a bottle so he is still quite full but not stuffed as to try and make him interested. He did take some pureed banana and apple, but about two mouthfulls and then started with the spitting and crying. It sounds so ridiculous but it really is disheartening. I know it's important for his development to get him weaned but I can't see a way round it at the mo. image

  • I would speak to your HV about it if it's worrying you.

    Maybe try leaving it a week or so and coming back to it?

    They say they prefer sweeter foods, so maybe start with fruits, and don't expect him to take too much to begin with, so try not to be frustrated if he only takes a spoon or two. My HV said that apparently it takes 10 tastes of a food to develop a like for it, and my lo tends to take a few goes of any type of food before he starts to like it.

    Also, try not to get stressed out about it as he will feed of your frustration and get upset, which isn't going to help either of you!

    HTH image
  • zaki didnt like the pots of food... and i was abit hit and miss then the other day i cooked up some potatoes mashed up with gravy and he woofed it down then today he had potato and the sauce from a boil in the bag fish... he loved it.. and he eats a mashed up banana... i found that leaving the spoon near his mouth helps.. when i take the spoon away he gets fussy...

    zakis been havin 9oz bottles and is still lookin for more after.. and he wont sleep at night until hes had his 9oz of hungry baby milk, 6oz of water and a petit filous yoghurt lol... x
  • dont give up hunn its trial and error how about waiting a few weeks and doing the baby led weaning thats what i wanted to do and skip the purees completely but docs advised me to wean her as her reflux seemed to be getting worse and she wasnt taking much milk. Baily b im using annabell karmel too her baby and toddler meal planner is fab
    claire and lola-mae xx
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