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Allergic to Avocado!

I've been weaning Theo since 4 months (he's 5 months 1 week now) and on Monday I tried avocado for the first time. He loved it and ate loads but after an hour or so I noticed he was covered in a red blotchy rash and was really worried! I took him to the doctor and he said its definitely a reaction to something he ate or drank. Well the avocado was the only thing he'd eaten in the previous few days that he'd not had before so it must have been that! Poor little mite! Luckily he didn't seem too bothered by it and it's cleared up now. A shame though as he liked it so much and also it's an easy one as it doesn't have to be cooked. Oh well. He's not fussy though and he's liked most things I've given him - only thing he didn't like was parsnip which I've tried twice and both times he's wretched!!! :lol:


  • I'm glad Oliver isn't the only one who doesn't like parsnips, he actually gags when i give him them, but he will gobble everything else down.
  • Its funny how even though there so small they can show us what they do and dont like.I have never tried Logan on avacado yet but he is allergic to carrot he started of getting a rash then I left it and tried him again because was not sure it was definately that and he gagged and then projectile vomited straight away.

    He loves everything else but not carrots he does like parsnip tho
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