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hello ladies!

I'm going up to Shetland tomorrow (my OH is from there and having a week away) and that means taking Ella on a plane for the first time. Have any of you taken your LO on a plane yet? I'm a bit worried about Ella getting sore ears and just wondered if there is anything you have tried to keep them happy?



  • hi shons
    sounds lovely to have a week away! hope u enjoy .... i have not yet been on a plane but going in march to tenerife ! so any tips would be helpfull hehe !! .
    ive heard to maybe give her a bottle while the plan is taking off as their sucking the bottle ? or maybe a dummy ?
    good luck !! xxxxxx

  • Hi, I've taken theo on a plane twice - well 4 times as they were return journeys! i gave him a bottle while taking off or landing or else gave a dummy but he didn't seem too bothered anyway so it was more preventative. it is supposed to help though with the pressure in their ears (the same way when we suck a sweet). hth and have a lovely time in Shetland
  • Hi we went to spain in october and Amber was a little angle on the plane she slept most of the way there even thou my arm was killing me afterwards lol.I just made sure i had lots of little toys and took sum rusks with us aswell (make sure its an unopened packed)which she covered me in lol ,hope u have a lovely time too x
  • well we made it to Shetland with no problems. I gave Ella her dummy and sookie blanket when we got on th eplane and she was asleep before we took off! She wasn't bothered at all. We then an hours journey on the bus after our flight and she was fantastic - nothing seems to bother her at all. We are having a great time here and the Shetland air is giving us all a good nights sleep! xx
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