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advice from mummys who have weaned their babies please

hi ladies anyone would think i'm a first time mummy asking for advice but it was 5 yrs ago that i had my first lol
my problem is i've recently started weaning maddison but finding it hard when to give it to her and how to work around bottles etc and do u give your babies a drink with a meal ? i haven't tried the baby juice but i offer cooled boiled water which she has a sip then stops taking, she was taking 5-6oz per feed every 3 hours so 5 bottles a day, but now i'm struggling to get 3-4 oz down her which is quite worrying , i had her weighed last tuesday and she'd stayed the same weight as the week before 12.2 oz i didn't get a chance to get her weighed this week but will do on tuesday and will speak to the health visitor but just wondered how you all get on , a normal day for us is :-

wake up 8am bottle(before school run)
11am bottle
12.30 porridge mixed with her milk
2pm bottle(before school run)
5pm bottle
7.30 bath (every other night)
8pm bottle

sometimes if she hasn't taken much milk i'll give her solids for dinner too at about 4pm

also she was on the ready made cartons of cow and gate up until 2 weeks ago we had planned to use them to make it easier for first couple of months but i've now started making up bottles with powder which is alot less expensive , it is the same milk but do u think that could have something to do with her taking less milk maybe its a different consistancy ? :\?


  • hi hunn the difference between the ready made milk and the powder is that the ready made is made slightly differently so you dont have to refridgerate it. it has a naturally sweeter flavour so that maybe why shes taking less.
    claire and lola-mae xx
  • Hi Pregno2,

    I have exactly the same concerns about the milk and never know whether to give milk first or last. Having spoken to one of the nursery nurses at my weighing in clinic, she said always offer milk first and not to worry too much a bout how much they take as they are getting nutrition from the food! (i;m not convinced by this though I have to say!). Here's our day:

    7.30am - bottle (usually takes about 5oz) and peach and banana baby cereal
    11.30am - bottle (4-5oz) then, veg puree and a fruit puree (one ice cube of each)
    3.30pm - bottle (5-8oz) depending upon what he takes)
    6pm - veg puree and fruit puree
    7/8pm bottle (7-8oz)

    It varies every day how much milk he takes, but i slowly worked up to three meals because he wouldn't take any milk in the evening so i started mixing baby rice and milk into a fruit puree to make sure he got some food and particularly some milk.

    I then moved on to breakfast because again he wouldn't take much milk but was then starving hungry at about 10am.

    Hope this makes sense and helps!
  • heres ours:
    8.30am 7oz bottle(then back to bed hehe)
    10.30am hipp baby cereal
    12.00pm 7oz bottle
    4.00pm 7oz bottle and veg puree for dinner
    7.30pm 7oz bottle.

    i found it was easier to offer her food after she had taken her bottle so she only ate what she had room for and gradually spaced her bottles the more she ate.
    hope it helps x
  • I was told until 6 months, solids shuld just be an add-on to milk, so they should keep drinking the same amount of milk, but you can give solids if they still seem hungry. It;s hard to know how to fit it in around the milk though. Our typical day goes something like this:

    7am - bottle (8oz)
    11am - baby rice then bottle (8oz)
    3pm - pureed fruit or veg then bottle (8oz)
    6,30pm - bottle (8oz) then bath & bed
    10pm - dream feed (now only takes approx 4 oz usually)

    But Theo is bigger - over 17 lb now so obviously will drink more than Maddison at 12 lb. Hope that helps a bit, I'm aiming to increase the solids so that by 6 months he's having 3 fairly substantial solid meals per day and 3 milk feeds.
  • thanx girls for the advice , i have been giving the food first then bottle so will try the other way round and see how she gets on , shes really teething at the mo so that could also be why she's off her milk xx
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