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Speech Development

Hi Ladies,

Hope you and all your little ones are doing well!

I am just wondering how your little ones are doing speech wise? Have they started saying words yet, or are they still babbling? I've started to get confused because my nephew who is 11 months is saying a lot of words, and he is only 2 months older than Oliver, so i'm assuming Oliver should start saying something soon. At the moment it's just screeching and babbling, but nothing i can understand.


  • We get lots of Dadadadad and bababababa, and lots of singing, but no reoognisable words yet. I think it's very early, and your nephew must be doing well as i think it's early for 11 months too!

    I'm trying to get him to say Mamamamam, but no luck - i just get a blank look and he carries on saying Dadadadad

  • Hiya!!
    we are getting dada when she sees my hubby !! and very little but occasionally mumma!!

    My Lo is just soooooooooooooooooo active !! shes mental def be walking before 12 months ! hope ur all ok .. i wish she stayed a baby for longer image
  • I know what you mean Jojo....he's not my little baby anymore, he's far too independant.

    We're not getting any mama's or dadas or anything, just screaming and something that sounds faintly like hiya, but he doesn't use it in any particular context, so it's just babbling really.
  • Toby says Mama and Dada really well. He says baba and no too! Hubby swears he said door the other day! He also says "dat" which I thought was him saying that, but he's actually saying "cat" as he says it whenever he see's his (our!) 2 cats! I ask him "where are your cats?" and he looks around the whole room for them!

    I am truly amazed at all of this - I had NO idea any of this would happen at this age. I didn't think they talked for ages yet.

    T is very mobile and crawls fast and pulls himself up to standing constantly - but he's not interested in attempting to walk on his own. Whenever I get the walker out, he just sits down!!!!! He does cruise along the sofa too.

    I can't believe they are ONE soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I can't belive they're nearly one either, time is going way too fast.

    JJ just babbles really, no definable words anyway... More like ma ma ma and da da da and gaaaa. He crawls really fast and has started to pull himself up on things. I am confident he will be walking by his first birthday - if not slightly after, which is an improvement on Alex, who didn't walk until 18 months!
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