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any birthday ideas yet?

hiya, i just wondered if anyone had any ideas yet as to LO 1st birthday?

i think im going to take emily to london zoo with a few friends but it will have to be the day before as her birthday falls on a monday. i dont want a party as there are a few family members i have no intention of inviting and as much as i dont have a problem with this i know hubby will feel a bit bad about it.

that still leaves the day of her birthday though, i still want to mark the occasion but im at a bit of a loss as to what to do.

any ideas much appreciated

clare x


  • I've been thinking about this. I'll prob just invite a couple family around and have a little tea party and get his ball pit out, that should keep them entertained image
  • we are thinking of having an 'open house' and just inviting family and friends to come to our house on sunday afternoon (ciaras birthday is on wednesday 5th) altough im very aware that it is also may day on the monday so a few people will probably be away. hmmmm..cant quite decide, but as you say,...we want to make it special!
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