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Breastfeeding...well...its ending

Hiya Ladies !!!
hope you all had lovely christmas's!!! ours was brilliant.....
well I think my breastfeeding is coming to the end :cry: ...but we did well ! exclusively fed until she was 4 and half ish months then starting cutting down on the breastfeeds
and now ... shes on 4 bottles a day (although we did have problems with her from the beginning from taking a bottle) shes not interested in me anymore.
I think the bottle s filling her up more than wat i can, i still feed her first thing in the morning and before bed ... but tonite i gave her a bottle before bed and she didnt need a breastfeed
kinda sad but its for the best (for going back to work .. Boooo !! )

well !!! i can say i enjoyed (i was never proper set on doing it but it seemed to work well for us) going to cut the morning feed now ..

anyone else still feeding??

jo xxxxxxxxxxx


  • I had to finish when he was about 3 months as I was on so much medication that was affecting my supply but I wish I could have lasted as long as you have done! I do wonder how i would have managed with him as he is such a heavy lump and with my big boobs i dont think I would have been very discreet :lol:

    At least you get to have a break and can have a tipple at New Year!! image
  • I'm still feeding, but it is getting less and less.

    Like you, i was exclusively bf'ing until about 4 months, when we started to mix feed, mainly so that hubby could do the morning feed and give me a little time off.

    He's now on 3 meals a day, and has a bottle feed first thing, and before bed. he's mainly only breastfeeding now during the day - but it's mostly snacking.

    I'm sad that it's coming to an end though - it's like he doesn't need me much anymore (stupid to say, I know he's only 7 months old) - but bf'ing him was the only thing that was mine.

    I do think I've done well though - i didn't manage to bf my older son for this long.

  • Well done for doing it for so long!! I only lasted a few days!!

    I guess all our babies are just growing up too quickly. image
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