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Sorry maybe TMI - blood loss?

Hey girlies, just wondering if this sounds right to you but I'm still bleeding 3 weeks on from having my c section. It's prob the same heavyness as first day of period and is still fresh blood. The HV said to me on Sat if it gets like that then I could be doing too much but I feel fine in myself. Just dunno if it's normal to still be bleeding quite a bit 3 weeks later. Anyone else in the same boat? Xx :\?


  • I'm pretty much the same after my section. I asked the nurse that comes everyday (who informed me today that my wound looks infected again! Urgh) :roll:

    Anyway, I bled for about 2 1/2 weeks, it stopped for a few days and started again, TMI - heavy and fresh. The nurse said it might be a period as I'm bottle feeding now and she said just to keep an eye on the dates. I honestly didn't think I would get one this soon after birth, esp as I'm still recovering. It could be that?
  • Oh no! What a nightmare. I hope it's not too much of a set back for you. As for the bleeding, yes I suppose it could be a period already, just can't tell! took it really easy today anyway, just stayed in bed and nursed mathilda while my mum did some housework for me - lush!
  • hi
    am also the same .I had my section 2weeks ago and am still quirt havey ,some times a get a reli bad gush like blood loss where it feels like am weing sorry tmi i asked midwife about it and she said as long as there no clots it should be ok ,she seems to think that am doing too much,but i also have a 4 year old that i have to walk back and forth to school my parents live miles away and my partner is self employed so if we need money he has to go to work ohhhhh the joys of children lol .
    zoe xx
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