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Finally!!! How are we all getting on?

Hi all

I've been waiting for our forum for ages! Toby is 1 month old tomorrow - I can't believe it!!!

We're doing really well... after a couple of nightmare weeks over feeding, we are finally settled and loving life together. Have to say, I found it hard to enjoy being a Mum and now Toby's feeding is sorted, I feel like he has been born all over again.

How are you all doing? How is feeding going for you? How's the lack of sleep working out?!?!?

Joo xxx


  • I have followed your topics in breastfeeding and used the advice given for my own lo when we had our problems. Michael is tomorrow 5 weeks old and is gaining lots of weight. (born at 34 weeks 7lb1 and now at 5 weeks 8lb15) Because of him being premature we did had some initial problems, went back to hospital because he had jaundice, had some feeding problems. But it is all sorted now, he is doing great.

    He does sleep an awefull lot and seems to wake up just when I want to start doing something. He feeds evere 2.5 till 3.5 hours, but luckily he is feeding in a short time, 20 min max The house is a complete mess, but was that way since I got home (spent almost two weeks in hospital, a week before giving birth, than home for 2 days and back for 4 days in hospital) and my oh spent his time in hospital as well, rather than cleaning the place.

    On that topic, my oh has been great. He just started work again this week, but is still getting up every night feed to change Michaels nappy. The first four weeks he was home and made sure I had almost nothing to do. (he did the cooking, the washing up, running around after the cats, changing lots of nappy's etc)

    How are your oh's doing? Do you get a lot of support from them?
  • James Joshua was born on the 18th and is now 17 days old. After initial problems with over-active letdown reflux and over-abundant milk supply, he seems to be coping quite well. Still problematic sometimes and I find that he's quite a colicky baby.

    Sleeping patterns vary widely - sometimes he feeds as often as once every hour - sometimes he can go 3-4 hours between feeds. Sometimes I wake up and check he is still breathing as he has gone so long without a feed!

    My 15 month old daughter has taken to him really well, which I am obviously over the moon about. It was an issue I was really dreading, but she's brilliant and comes over to him stroking his head and cooing at him.

    My OH is out of the country, but I have a really close support network and Alex goes to her aunts or my Dads most afternoons to allow me to do chores/get the house sorted and to look after JJ. Physically I am almost healed from the birth - although the bleeding is really irritating me - I am still quite heavy and passing clots. I only bled for about a week to ten days with Alex so this is an altogether new experience. Hopefully it will settle soon and I can begin the weight-loss regime. I've lost about a stone and a half since the birth - but still have another two and a half to lose maybe a little ambitious but I am going to invest in a wii fit to help me along!

    G, Alex and JJ x
  • Dexter Jacob was born on the 10th of May 10 days overdue!

    My OH was only home for first 2 weeks and I'm really missing him!

    Dex is weighing in at a chunky 11lb 7oz at 3 weeks! He was 9lb 1oz when borh and lost 12.8% of his birth weight in first 4 days due to latching and milk issues!

    He is now bottle feed mainly EBM with me topping up feeds with formula when I can't produce enough!

    My sister has stayed this week and is a Godsend! My biggest fear for my first full week at home alone is expressing! We had probs with breast feeding and he is now bottle feed mainly EBM and I top up with FF as needed, But it means Dex wakes I feed, then in about an hour once he has settled again I start expressing which takes around 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours then its nearly time to express again.

    Last week I had 2 days alone and it went -

    0430 morning feed, at 0530 I wake Dad up to have him whilst I express and shower. I then wash up and have a quick tidy,

    Then Dex comes to me while Dad gets ready for work,OH leaves at 0730, at which point Dex is ( when he's not being too windy) settled but awake. . I then start expressing.

    Between 0800-0830 Dex has another feed then normally I manage to get him asleep so I can grab some food, and finish getting house - bottle sterile etc etc.

    Then my day just follows Dex, food, express, continuously.... I'm just hoping my milk speeds up so I can keep up with him and eventually drop a couple of the times I express! x

    Dex can be quite windy but has settles a bit on infacol, which is lucky although he is still awake for most of the night - his aunt has been here and has shared the nights with me - last week I was going with 1/2 to 2 hours sleep a nigh! Yawn, and the expressing stops the times when I can nap in the day!

    He takes 5oz every 3-4 hours and in the morning normally takes 7 - 8 oz...... chunky little man!

    Judith + Dex x

  • Hi, i'm so glad i found this forum, i wondered where you'd all gone!

    Things with Oliver are going well i think...he feeds roughly every 2-3 hours, which is exhausting as i am someone that needs my sleep, but i'm starting to adjust to it. He seems to be quite a windy baby which means it seems like he's constantly burping/farting, but he does tend to guzzle him feeds so i guess thats why.

    He also seems to only really settle when he's being held, and stirs when we put him down. I've been wondering if maybe we should put him down and let him get himself to sleep, but he's still so little, it breaks my heart and i end up picking him up when he starts crying as he gets so upset...any advice on how you ladies are coping with this would be appreciated!

    Sorry, it's turned into a bit of a rambly post!
  • Heya smiling_fairie, my lo is the same. She's bf too. Though she is gettingba bit better with time. So I'm just gradually putting her down after feeds and during awake time. She's only got herself off to sleep once and that was only for 30mins! But it's still progress. I guess it's a bf thing maybe. I feel the same and I hate leaving her crying. It quickly got to the point where in order to get some sleep I have to let her sleep with me in bed. I'm going to have to nip that in the bud soon cos I don't want her still in bed with me in 6 months time! I've been given some good advice from various pol on the baby forum on settling lo. Dummies, hot water bottle in cot before ok is put down, keep a muslin close to your body for a day then put it in the cot with lo, I guess so that your smell ison it and it might fool them onto thinking they're still with you. My lo definitely likes swaddling too maybe give that a try if you haven't already. Hope this has helped a bit!
  • Hi everyone! It's good to catch up with all the May mummies. My baby Joseph is 3 weeks and 2 days old now - it has flown by. I'm similar to you Joo, we had a lot of stress with feeding for the first two weeks, as my milk wasn't enough to satisfy the little man and came in really late. Was combining breast, formula top-ups and expressing at one point which took so long there was no gap between feeds and it was all I could think about. So decided to switch to just formula and feel so much more relaxed now. Joseph settles in between feeds and has some 'awake' time where he loves to play on his playmat or go for walks in the pram. (I do get a bit stuck of what to do when he's awake for 3 hours in a row though - my repertoire of silly songs runs out!) Just had him weighed today and he's now 8 pounds, which means he can go in the carrier - I think he will like this as he loves lying on our chests - and hopefully will mean I can do things while holding him at the same time. Smiling fairie, maybe your lo would like that kind of thing too as he likes to be held a lot. M xx
  • let me know if you get a carrier - I'm getting muscles in my left arm from carrying Quinn!!

    i reckon that I'd get loads more done with a carrier/sling
  • hello may mummies and congratulations!!

    it's been a rough ride so far so haven't been online, but am starting to get a few moments now (sod the housework!)

    Milla Catherine was born on the 7th May weighing 8lb 1.5oz, 2 weeks late. i went in to be induced and when they scanned discovered she was breech! so c-section it was. it was so bizarre having been trying to prepare for labour for so long then suddenly be in the operating theatre without a single contraction. i felt slightly cheated at first, but recovering from the section is rough so now i just think having your baby by section jist means doing the hard work after the birth instead of before :roll:

    so Milla is doing well, 9lb 1oz last monday, and is just gorgeous (maybe i'm biased though image. we're still having feeding issues cos she is having difficulties sucking properly, but no one realised that for a while as her positioning and attachment looked good, but my nipples were shredded and I ended up with a really low milk supply and mastitis then thrush, which i still don't think has cleared up. anyway i'm now using a nursing supplmenter to give her formula while she's sucking on me (she's getting better) in the hope she'll get what milk is there and boost my supply as well as eventually be able to feed just from the breast. anyone got any experience of this? i tried expressing, still am, but hardly get any out, usually about 1oz total. but things are good right now, as up until 2 days ago it was try her on the breast then finger feed ebm then formula, then try and express, and the endless grind was really getting me down. this way she gets the top up at the same time as hopefully learning to suck boobie!! and i express when i can. anyway i'm going to keep trying for a bit longer, but if it doesn't work soon we'll be going on to bottles of formula and i'll deal with my guilt, I'm sure Milla doesn't mind where it comes from as long as she's milked up lol

    oh that turned into a long one sorry, think it's the novelty of being back online and getting some of this off my chest. feeling a bit isolated as still not driving after section and live in a flat and can't lift stuff so can't get out much.

    one last thing - Joo - if you're still reading, how did you resolve the feeding problems with Toby? i read a post where you were saying he was feeding constantly and never seemed satisfied - that's exactly how Milla is if i try and do just breast, and her weight dropped as well (horrible feeling isn't it)

    right I'll shut up now :lol: hope you're all well keep posting it's good to hear about the other babies etc!

    Aileen xx
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