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Carseats?when do u go to a bigger one!

Hiya girls hope ur all ok and ur lo are doing well.

.... how do u know wen to go to a fixed car seat?
Morgan is filling her baby car seat (which connects to buggy too) and she doesnt seem happy with the angle of it anymore as shes not a big fan on being on her back for long..
she def be happier sitting more upright !
wen can u go to a bigger seat ? xxxx


  • Hiya, its usually 9mths or when they get to 21lbs. Don't be in a rush for one yet cos their heads flop forwards when they go to sleep in them so its better to wait till they have a stronger posture. I'm in same situation with Jamie he's 20lbs and 6mths now and is really squished in his but he's only just started holdin his head up so I'm inclined to leave it a bit longer xxx
  • I've been wondering the same thing. Ella looks so uncomfortable in her car seat and often cries when she has to go into it. She's into 6-9 months clothes already so she's big for her age. We were thinking about going to look at bigger seats. xx
  • Ive been looking and i think im going to get this carset

    theres really good reviews about gettin one of these cause their baby is too big or doesnt like their car seat anymore ...
    its rear facing and then u can change it front facing !! x
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