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Here we go again...

Hi girls

HOpe you're all well. I know this forum is pretty quiet - I know I don't get much time to get on here since I had Theo & I guess you're all the same!

Anyway, just wondering how you're all doing & if anyone is having a second one yet? I just found out on Friday I'm pregnant again which I'm super excited about. Very early days (4+2) so fingers crossed it sticks. If so, I am due 5 days after Theo's birthday on 21st May '11. Although I've been recommended a section next time so likely this new sprout will be born around the 1st.

Anywa y hope everyone's well



  • Hi Moomin,

    Congratulations! I'm 14+3 with number two too, which means a 22 month gap. Feeling fine now, but the first few months were tough - utter exhaustion like I'd never experienced before. Apart from that, the whole pg so far has been totally different to first time round - I don't even have time to think about it most days!

    Fingers crossed for you for a sticky one image)
  • Ooh big congratulations to you too Hinkypunk! That is fab news. I am feeling quite tired and a bit queasy first thing in the morning but nothing compared to last time... yet! But last time I felt find til about 6 weeks so I know it may all go down hill in the next week or so! image
    Hope your LO is ok - I'm sorry I don't remember if you had a girl or boy!
  • Hello!

    I'm 19+3 (yikes!) with our second! How are you feeling about another section? A 2 year gap will be perfect, we'll have 21 months. This pregnancy is flying by compared to my first!

    Good luck!xx
  • Hi McGillair, Congratulations!! How exciting - you must be having your next scan soon? Are you going to find out if it's blue or pink?
    I didn't actually have a section with Theo, but I had such a bad tear (below) that I've been advised to have a section this time. I don't really know how I feel about it. I'm still thinking that I might see how things go and discuss it. If it's another big baby like Theo (10lb) then I think the sensible thing is a section, but if this baby is measuring small / average, then I might ask for a natural birth. Although I think the worst case scenario would be natural labour with an emergency section!
    Did you have a section? If so will you be having another & how do you feel about it?
  • Hi Moomin, I am not allowed any more children (so my husband says!) but congratulations! I am v. jealous. If only money and space were no object... xx
  • We had our 20 week scan on Friday. We stayed team yellow again :\) Thinking about booking another private scan because I didn't enjoy it and being my last baby I really wanted to have a pleasant experience.

    I'm hoping for a Vbac this time, started reflexology which is supposed to help, I'll be having sweeps from 38 weeks and midwifes are being very supportive. The section itself wasn't bad, it was the recovery and I don't think I could do it again with 2 kids to care for. If they advise me to have another section, I will, but I'd rather have the natural experience and hopefully (although not always the case) a quicker recovery.

    Have you got your scan date through? It is very exciting!x
  • Hi girls, I'm 17 weeks pg, so there'll be 21 months between my youngest too.

    I've been told categorically that i'll be having another section - apparently after 2 c-sections they don't give you the choice here. I'm hoping to stick to my guns though, and ask that if I go earlier than the c-sec date, that they'll let me try v-bac - but so far my mw and consultant are both saying no.

    Like McGillair, the actual op isn't a problem, but I don't think I'd manage the recovery well with 2 other children to look after. Plus, I want to be able to drive about sooner, and my buggy is rather heavy, so don't want to pull any stitches getting that out of the car.

    Congrats on all the bfp's so far!!!

  • Congratulations to all of you! We're in month 2 of TTC keep your fingers crossed for me...i'm so desperately broody at the moment, it's insane!
  • aaaah congratulations to all of you!
    we are not starting TTC until maybe Spring next year. we'd ideally like a 3yr age gap plus we have a big family holiday planned next August and I am not risking being so pregnant we can't go!
    hubby is VERY broody. he asks every day if we can make a baby! LOL
    I am not really broody - but am. feeling up and down about it constantly!
  • oh wow - just seen this, congratulations moomin!!!!! (and all the other pg ladies of course!! babydust to those ttc)
    hope everything goes well for you

    we may start ttc in a couple of taking folic acid now though image xx
  • Just found out, we're pregnant again! Yay! Only 3 weeks though, so still early days image
  • Congratulations! How are you feeling?x

    (I've only just seen this!)
  • congratulations to you all!!!!!! i havent been on here for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages, i never seem to get the time, but i am on facebook a lot. we considered ttc number 2 earlier this year....but with one thing and another we decided to wait a little longer, we are going to start ttc after christmas so hopefully ciara will be around 2and a half when number 2 comes along....fingers crossed. hope all of your lilttle ones are super!
  • Awwwww big congrats to you all you busy lot!!!!xxxxx Haven't been on for ages and considerin all the new bumps you've obviously all been too busy as well haha No more for me with a 2 up and a 2 down and a little girl of 3 and my little monster 18 month old (only kiddin Jimbo lol) I've more than got my hands fullxx
  • Hey congratulations everyone! We're expecting number 2 on New Years Day! We've also stayed team yellow and are completely unprepared. We've yet to fix the puncture on the pram, get the baby clothes out of the loft, put the head supports back in the group 0 car seat, oh, and finish the extension - which is now quite behind with the weather!

    Tired just thinking about all!
  • Wow, I haven't been on here for ages!! Congratulations everyone! We're also expecting number 2, took 9 months to conceive so we'll have a 23 month gap! x
  • wow, have any of these babies arrived yet???? how exciting. ttc number 2 has just began for us and already the 2ww is driving me crackers. xx
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