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Hiya Ladies hope u and bubbas r all well

I was just wondering what (farther christmas) is buying your little 1s this year.
I reli cant wait for xmas this year but have no idea what to buy for Amber .
I hope you ladies can give me some ideas.


  • naughty BE just ate my reply lol !! ..
    For christmas im buying Morgan a baby walker from tesco (use my double up vouchers lol)

    then ill prob buy her a stocking and fill that with little bits and bobs ..
    Ive seen a Giant my little pony soft toy in tesco for ??10 which i def gonna buy hehe!!

    and i really want to buy her a rocking horse but i think shes to little yet

    i know for her birthday i want to buy her this lol !!! well thought out a head ...

    ooo the list could go on but i dont wanna buy her too much (no where to keep it all lol) and i bet shell have loaddss bought for her !! xx
  • Im geting Laila a walker too!! cant wait for her to have one! expect i'll end up spending loads, even though shes too young really to know what anything is, oh well xxx
  • im getting emily an activity centre, similar to a walker, they have lots of toys/ activities and she can spin in a complete circle but it stays in one place . already got her a sit-me-up-cosy and the usual stocking filler toys. ive started early because i know im gonna go over the top lol xx
  • I've started to, months ago so almost finished. Got a few stocking fillers - things for the bath, an inflatable rabbit that's got a weight in the bottom, high chair toy, shape sorted ect

    Got Jax a car ball pool - that can also be used as a paddling pool in summer, a rocking horse/caterpillar and that's all I'm buying because our families have gone mad already on toys and clothes!! I'm going to get him a few DVD's to - he loves Timmy Time and Something Special (well, it's me that loves them tbh!!)
  • We are getting Joseph a swing for the garden with a baby seat. He loves being outside and I think he will really like it. My parents are contributing to it to. The frame can extend to fit an older child as well with a normal seat so should get a good few years out of it! x
  • i've got laela a v-tech baby walker in pink and a rocking lottie from mamas and papas but will also get her some fisher price toys and clothes etc.
  • i've got laela a v-tech baby walker in pink and a rocking lottie from mamas and papas but will also get her some fisher price toys and clothes etc.
  • im trying not to go mad this year but have already got quite a few things, Ive bought ciara her first dolly, erm a teddy bear with Ciara Grace written on it..erm...some bath toys, rattles, books, outfits..cant resist so many things.
  • Can a second time mummy give you some advice chicks do not go over the top, when I had Bethany our house looked like Toys R Us at Xmas and she didn't touch half of them. Jamie isn't even playing with them now, just get the things you'd buy anyway like walkers and teethers and save your money for next yearxxxx
  • hi ladies, i cant wait til xmas !, in argos if you buy any 2 toys by playskool you get a pop up toy free which is worth ??14.99 ! so i'm getting the ball popper coz my little girl had one and loved it and probably the pink glow worm i think they're quite cute lol so that'll be 3 toys for ??35 , not bad i'm not gonna go mad though gonna get a few stocking fillers and ask grandparents to buy a walker i wasn't sure if to get one though coz i have carpet throughout so it'll be hard to get about in and not alot of room do u guys think its still worth getting one ? x
  • As I've got two children I don't thnk I'll be going too mad.. Was also thinking about a walker - couple of outfits, rattles and maybe a few other bits. Alex wasn't interested in Christmas at all last year and was more interested in the paper - and she was 2 months older thann J will be by December.x
  • i know your all sensible mummys but i have heard some horror stories about walkers so please be so incident involved a baby in a walker opening a celler door and well...i'll say no more about that one. oh and bumping into a stair gate...again you can only imagin... touching oven doors, and walkers acctually tipping up when children have moved from one kind of floor surface to another. id never really thought about not buying one(we had them as kids and never caused any harm)and as long as u are vigilant they are fine i hv made me think when she said 'walkers give babies the freedom to speedily move and reach things they are not developmentally ready for. i can see where shes coming from. im not trtying to talk anyone out of getting one..just highlighting a few things i hadent considered until someone mentioned them to me xx
  • We don't have a lot of room so knowing that he will get spoilt by others I am just getting one big present which is a smarttrike, it says from 10 months but if I don't think he can sit up in it then I wont use it straight away. Also bought him a finger puppet Christmas book and some clothes.
    More importantly what about us mummies????? Apparently once you have a baby nobody gets you presents anymore image
  • oh ive already been told by my hubby hes just "gonna throw some money in a card"!! i love opening preasents and bloody hate shopping!!
    just as well that emily will need my help with hers lol x
  • Haha I know what you mean! I have already told hubby that Caleb has asked me to help him unwrap his presents :lol:
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