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O/TGodness me!

Has anyone used You and Your Wedding forums?! I'm getting married in March and seeing as BE is a bit of lifesaver, I thought Id try in there.

Goodness me! There's HUNDEREDS of forums!! Scottish brides, getting married 2011, hair /make up, emotinal support (?) young brides, old brides, big brides, little brides - the list seemed endless

Needless to say, I got overwhelmed and I've come back to BE instead!!

Ok, thats all!! image


  • I did look at it a few times when i was gettin married in 2008 ... but i dont think it ever had that many forums !!! lol ....
    oooo so when r u gettin married ???
  • and you found me :lol:

    spooky hehe
  • i used it when i was planning my weddding. i never posted anything but it is good for ideas/ tips and being nosy of course lol. the only thing with having so many forums was that i was on there for hours, much to my husbands dismay. i dont think he would have cared if i hadnt felt the need to tell him about every little thing i found on there lol.
  • I was totally addicted to it when i was planning my wedding last year, it's what go me onto BE
  • Have to agree with smiling_fairie's comment. I was addicted to YAYW when we were planning our wedding for April this year. As soon as we were married i hopped over here to BE! x
  • Lol, I've done it back to front it seems!! We're getting hitched 27th March, tbh not really thought about it too much, what with having baby and all the dramas after that, it's only now I'm feeling 'me' again and ready to do the organising.

    Most of it's done, venue, reception, cake, photographer, cars (almost) table flowers - not my flowers yet, band,groom - obviously image booked the registrar yesterday. Now just looking for ideas, on colours (had yellow originally, then up until yesterday it was purple, now I'm thinking black) invites, flowers, cakes, DRESSES (which is bottom of my list because I'm still lugging baby weight around like a trophy!)

    Grudie is determined to get into my life somehow!! image Nowhere is safe!!

    Any hints or tips on anything girls? I know this is a baby forum, but everyone loves weddings (and i'm too scared to return to YAYW again!!)
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