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Dropping Dream Feed?

Hi, are any of you dreamfeeding? I have been dreamfeeding since Theo was about 2 months old and as a result haven't had to get up to feed him during the night since 3 months. But I'm thinking about dropping it now but not sure how to go about it and whether it's a bit early. Have you dropped the dream feed or planning to and how / when?
My reasoning for dropping it, although he still drinks quite a lot of it usually, is that he hardly takes any of his morning milk now and not much of his late morning milk either, so I think it would be better to drop the draem feed and get him to have the milk he's missing in the monring instead. These days he has his dream feed at 9pm anyway, so it's not that long since his last feed at 6.30-7pm either, so I think it should be ok for him to not have it. Not sure if I should bring it forward to 8.30 and see how thta goes and if ok bring it forward to 8pm and then drop it all together or just do it in one fell swoop - ie just stop giving it.
Any advice or thoughts very welcome! x


  • Hiya

    My lo is 6months and his milk feeds are as follows:

    7-8am 8oz
    11am 4oz
    3pm 4oz
    7pm 8oz

    He has solids in between. I definitely agree that you should be able to drop the dreamfeed now and in turn this should make him drink more of his morning feed.

    HTH Xx
  • Hi,

    Ella is in bed from 7pm - 8:30 am and sleeps throughout without needing a feed. I don't think you need to worry about dropping the dream feed, if he is anything like Ella, he will be more than ready for his breakfast and take the milk no problems. xx
  • Hi yeah id drop the dream feed, he'll take a bit more in the day if he needs more? a baby from 3months of age should be capable of sleeping through the night without a feed xx
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