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Bye Bye Beety!!

Well, after Jax got his whole dummy (beety) in this mouth yesterday, I swear my heart stopped for a minute. I have taken the brave step and not given him it tonight.

He's been in bed since 7.40, settled at 8.10 (after a nappy change, why does he wait until he's in bed?!) he's been up twice, only for a few minutes, looking for his dummy.

I feel really really bad about taking it from him, I could hear him sigh when he couldn't find it image Someone reassure me I've done the right thing!! Has everyone elses Lo still got theres? He didn't really need it in the beginning, I kinda kept giving him it until he took it! :roll:


  • Oliver still has his dummy although we're trying to cut down on how often he uses it. He will usually settle to sleep without one but if he wakes in the night he'll want it to settle, and he sometimes uses it in the day.

    He has managed to fit the whole thing in his mouth a few times, but usually it just gets wedged in there and i end up prying it out image
  • hi girls. Ciara still has her dummy but she only ever has it when she is really tired and going to sleep, i bought her some new ones the other day and she looked at me as i had given her something disgraceful lol. Shes never really bothered for having it unless shes really tired...if she gets upset and i offer it to her she throws it lol.
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