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hi everyone

hi girlies only just found this forum wondered where everyone was how are all the new babies doing lola-mae is now 4 and a half weeks and i cant imagine life without her she only gets up once at night normally and slept through twice but this morning wanted to be cuddled at 4.50 am only went back off at 6 so hope this isnt the start of something lol. i had an awful internal infection that came on a week after having lola-mae so havent been arond for a while but now im back to happy old me and cant wait to get into my pre pregnancy clothes image hope everyone is well and hi to the may newbies
claire and lola-mae xx


  • hiya
    Am ok just tied all the time you forget how much hard work it is .Glad to hear that lola-mae is doing well,How are your other 2 girls with her my 4 year old is playing up a bit.Am gutted that i cant fit into any of my pre pregnancy clothes as i did think id put on that much weight but cant get them past my knees so i ob have .Amber is 2 weeks old today !!!!.
    Zoe and Amber xx
  • hi ! i've only just found this too and wondered where everyone had gone obviously we've all got alot less time on our hands now though lol me and maddi are doing really well i keep meaning to do my birth story i will add it on here once i get round to doing it xx
  • Hi, glad to hear you are all doing well. I have the same problem with my clothes - still wearing maternity gear and gutted about it! Must do my birth story too - it was quite eventful in the end! M and Joseph x
  • ooh looking forward to more birth stories love reading them ive lost 2 stone 4lb since having lo including my 8lb7.5 baby lol only got 1 stone 4lb to go but am stuck now. fizz my 4 and 5 year old are behaving so much better since lola-ae arrived i expected trouble from my 4 year old to be honest as shes a little whirlwind anyway so maybe ive been lucky. have you tried letting your lo help you with bath times and feeds ive been doing that so they feel involved so its worth a try my girls are now mini es image pregono2 i know i barely come online now i dont like to sit for too long as i get tired then i have a kind of ocd thing going on since giving birth im constantly tidying so i dont sit. am so glad everyone is well

  • omg i cant belive that you have lost over 2 stone already thats fab but how the hell have you done it .Iv tried to invole my little girl with things but when i ask her for some help to bath/feed she thows a paddy,she was soo well behaved b4 lo arrived am hopeing that it will get better as shes harded work at the mo then what amber is .xx
  • aww it will get better hunn when she realises it doesnt get her any attention. as to the weight issue i havent done anything but i was huge at the end of my pregnancy and had a chubbster for a little girl so maybe i had lots of water and a heavy placenter lol. good luck hunn
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