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been off for a while

we have been moving house so havent had the internet for a week or two ahhhhgh, anyway its back now, how is everybody


  • Hey Bailey
    ahhh !! how did the move go ? we have decided today that we are going to move hopefully straight after christmas ... so been house hunting today !! yyaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy
    how was it ? its gonna be mad packing everything up ... oh goodness
    Morgan is nearly 6 months now cant believe how mad its gone shes been sitting up on her own since 5 months. shes eating 3 meals a day !! how r things with u and Lo ?
  • hey jojo, well we didnt move far..literally from one apartment to the same complex lol! So we packed things very simply in bags, boxes,suitcases etc and had 7 people helping so it wasnt too bad. Ciara isnt too interested in her food, she has 'food' for breakfast and for dinner but she has milk afterthat as well because i dont think shes getting 'enough' from her food...i think especially with her having problems gaining weight when she was teeny im quite hesitant to take a bottle away just yet.
    Wow your lol has been sitting for so long, thats brilliant. Ciara just wobbles over lol, but she prefers to be standing up, i lean her against the furniture and she stays stood up and plays.
    Hope your wellxx
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