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hey had my baby on the 29th may delivered naturally, she was 8lbs 8oz, no stitches or anything needed, was feeling fine but past few days i have raging ache in croutch, its near the front tho, not where she came out. iv done some pelvic floor exc but im not sure if this has made the ache worse, is this quie norm? also my blood loss has slowed down alot, and some days i dont have any? I expected to have loads for weeks, if any1 can help this would be good. The good thing is that Baby Laila is doing great, xxx


  • I gave birth on the first of may and expected a lot of blood loss over a long period of time, but I was pleasently surprised. I did not loose to much blood as I thought and it stopped after three weeks completely. Some days a bit more, other days almost nothing. I noticed that I had some clots close to my blood loss stopping, and that was the end of it.

    I wanted to say I do not had any itching, but I now do remember itching. I kept saying to my oh it itching down there. Nothing seem to help and it was not on a place I could reach. Going to the toilet eased the itching, but it came back soon after. I had it for a couple of days, actually thought my urine infection had came back, but than it disappeared.
  • I had my lo on 23rd may I've had aching, but i assumed it had something to do with my seems to have eased now that blood loss has pretty much stopped and stitches seem to be coming out. It might be bruising as it's a major thing to happen.

    Sorry, prob not much help image
  • Toby was born with ventouse so I had an episiotomy (sp?) and I also tore. Ouch! My stitches got infected and were painful for days but antibiotics cleared them up.

    However, I felt like you describe and I think its bruising. I was SERIOUSLY bruised - MW said she'd never seen anything like it! It only really came on on days 3-4 tho... (after birth).

    I took arnica and it helped within hours - it really did!

    Good luck xxxxxx
  • Thanks girls pain has eased off alot today, so i guess it prob was the bruising coming out, because overall i had a very good birth and didnt tear or need a single stitch. i also asked mw about bleading because im on day 10 now and havent blead for 2days and aparntly it could start up again, or im just a fast healer??? but they didnt seem concerned?! only prob now is iv been expressing and FF but Laila keeps throwing up the BF so im going to stick to formula, but when i leave my boobs they are so painfull! so do i just go cold turkey and grin and bear it for a couple days and hope the milk will dry up? xxx
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