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Anyone's baby in their own room yet?!?!

Hi all

Toby is 6 weeks on Tuesday and has nearly outgrown his moses basket - we think it'll be another 3-4 weeks if not less! Hubby is keen to put him in his nursery when this happens but I am dreading it! Any other early May babies already in their own rooms and / or you're considering it soon?

Tonight we have popped him in his moses basket in our room using the monitor - on his own until we go to bed. He's settled down well as its too noisy and bright in the lounge with us. Feels weird though and I have the monitor stuck to my ear!!!



  • Hi Joo - we're going to put Dex up tonight for the first time tonight in our room but using the monitor - hes 5 weeks now.

    Dex doesnt have his own room yet! and so his cot is also in our room, so we wont be putting him out of our room for a little while yet - so I can't be much help there.

    However if Dex did have his own nursery then I would be looking to settle him into a routine in it over the next few weeks as I think it will be easier the sooner you do it!

  • Oh I've been having this dilema too.

    Jaxson is such a noisy baby, all snuffles, grunts and groans at night - he's also growing out of him crib. For the past few nights he's been put to bed awake and settles pretty well - he'll be 5 weeks tomorrow -so although the guide-lines say 6 months, he'll definatley be in his own rom beofre then.

    Luckily we have the sensor monitors which help alot. xx
  • Hi Joo,
    Joshua is 5 weeks old today and we put him in his nursery and big cot 5 nights ago. We decided to try and get him into a bed time routine before trying to put him in his cot so gave him a bath and feed, then popped him in. It took about half an hour of me and OH going in and picking him up and soothing him as he was crying - but after that, he settled himself to sleep and we woke him up to give him a feed at 11.30pm He then slept through until 6:45am the next morning!! Since that night he's gone into his own room every night between 7pm-8pm and usually wakes up between 3-5 hours for his bottle feeds. He's been a complete star considering he's so young still and I'm a very proud mummy.
    The reason we decided to put him in his own room was because of the amount of loud noises he made in our room all night and I was losing a lot of sleep every night because he was keeping me awake. It was hard putting him in his room that first night as I missed him sooo much and was worried I was trying to make him grow up before he needed to.....but it seems to have worked really well for him and he's settling really well. I'm also much more relaxed when picking him up for his feeds during the night and I look forward to cuddling him whilst giving him his bottle.
    I did seek advice from my HV before we made the final decision as I was worried about the guidleines saying that you should have baby in your room with you for 6 months, but she was really supportive and said that provided you can always hear baby via a monitor or such and they're placed on their back feet to bottom of the cot etc, then there's really no problem and if it means that I'm getting more rest then he will benefit from that.

    Anyway sorry for the long post. Wishing you luck what ever you decide to do hon.

    OOh did your heartburn clear up after you have birth to Toby? I remember you suffered quite badly at the end of your pregnancy.

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