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Going to have a baby again!!

Well fingers crossed :\)

We are going to try and get pregnant towards the end of the year so hopefully I will be as fertile this time and SPD does not even think about returning (everything crossed). I must be mad but then I never thought I would even know what to do with a baby when we talked about getting pregnant the first time and now he is my world image


  • wow that heading got my attention lol. Good luck with ttc!!!! we hope to start trying for number 2 in march/april exciting. (although if hubby had his way we would already be pg. When i went to get more of the pill the other week the doctor going to give you 6 months worth then you should stop them if you still want to made it seem a whole lot closer!
  • heehee we were originally planning March/April but we changed it this week so you never know you could be on the same forum as me again if your fella gets his way!! image
  • yaayyyyyyyyyy !!! we r gonna start trying next summer i cant wait to be pregnant again ............good luck xxxxxxx
  • Oh love it, im going to start trying in may time i think, i dont really want to wait that long but im hoping to lost my extra pregnancy weight now to get to a slimmer size before i get preg again, (if that makes sense?) also want to do 6months back at work so i entitle to mat leave again, any1 know if it is 6months you need to be employed for to recieve mat leve? be good if it were less xxx
  • Aww, i'm jealous ladies! I'd love to start trying for another again (even though i was adament after giving birth i was never doing it again) But hubby wants to wait a while so we've got a couple years gap between them image

    Good luck with ttc!
  • lilly_kick ... i think wit statutory mat pay u dont have to go back for any time btr not sure about company maternity pay ! (i didnt have it image lol)
  • I thought it was a BFP post there!!

    Really pleased for you, we're hopefully going to start 'trying' this time next year, well as soon as I can convince OH!!xx
  • Lilly_Kick - if you are employed by the 15th week before due date you are entitled to SMP even if you leave that employer after that date. Maternity leave is still classed as full employment in terms of continous employment. (Hope that helped?!) I keep studying my work stuff to make sure I am right with what I have to do in regards of letting them know i am pregnant when returning from maternity leave :roll:

    Fingers crossed ladies eh? Mind you just saw doctor today and she thinks I must be mad (in a nice way) x
  • we're waiting until next summer at the earliest to start trying for number 2 (we are getting married in July so OH wants me to stop taking the pill on our honeymoon!). It's a scary thought though as I had a traumatic delivery and will be classed as a high risk pregnancy if I ever get pregnant again.

    (I had a pregnancy scare this week which really shook me - no way am I ready just now to be pregnant again!)

  • Wow, thought that was a BFP too! lol We are not likely to have another baby as we have no room (I have two stepchildren as well as Joseph). It is a bit heart-breaking because he's growing up so fast and I would love another baby. But, hey, we may win the lottery, you never know! x
  • uw it looks like there might be a few of us having the tww and poas at a similar time!!
  • awwww im so jealouse id love to be pregnant again i miss it so much haveing a reason to stay healthy and havein that little miricle inside me again i loved it so much and i miss it to but if i hav another it will be baby no 5 lmao id be mad xx
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