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Anybody else thinking of or already TTC

Me and hubby have been talking about TTC again as we would like to keep the age gap small. Hubby is talking about starting now, but i'm not sure. I am still bfeeding, so haven't had an AF yet.

I would really love another baby, but not sure if my body is ready to go through the whole pregnancy lark just yet. I'm also worried about my MIL who looks after Oliver and my two nephews who are 9 mo and 4. I don't want to put her under too much pressure with another baby to look after.

Are we crazy?


  • We're thinking about another! We'll definatley be trying by the end of the year. I'm an only child, OH is one of three, so I'd love for Jax to have a brother or a sister- and I'm broody seeing as my baby is getting so big!

    I don't think you're crazy at all!!(and I'm sure your MIL will love having another baby to spoil!) I'm worried people will think we're crazy having babies so close together, esp after the rotten pregnancy/birth/after birth I had, but I want them close together so they can share the excitement of holidays, Christmas and such.

    I'm keeping an eye on my cycles at the moment and not taking the pill, so I'm ready to go!! :lol:
  • Hey !!
    well we want a small age gap ... we do talk about it but i do ot feel ready to do the whole pregnancy and labour again (although id be havin a c section again) but its the recovery.
    and i feel i still want all my attention on Morgan for now.

    well done for still breastfeeding . we completely stopped end of november she just wasnt interested.

    Im back in work next sunday boooo!!! so i wanna go back for a bit. and also we are moving house the weekend ... gonna be mental so wanna settle there first.

    Also my brother laws wedding is september and i always said i do NOT want to b pregnant for that haha . but u never know wot happens

    if u feel ready go for it !! x
  • Hey yes we're thinking of TTC not yet for a month or 2... but probably fairly soon, its exciting, but bit scarey at same time, def want Laila t have a brother or sister without too big an age gap but want to make sure were sorted financialy etc before we jump into things, i always worry things will take a long time due o having PCOS however last time i was caught very quickly so i guess u never know xxx
  • we wan t a small age gap too and after many conversations, adding up and things we have decided to have a go at ttc again. i dont want to get too obsessed with th whole counting days, poas early and things again...haha..i say that now. so we will seewhat happens.
  • Aww, that's so exciting! Unfortunately our situation has changed and we're currently living with my in laws, so we've decided to put off ttc again untill we're more stable...wish i could have another baby, but it's not the responsible thing to do right now image
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