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How do i move on

Hiya ladies
Well i havent been on here much lately.
Its been a really horrid few weeks as my partner has told me he dosent love me anymore am so upset ,I keep asking him whats changed and he says its nothing to do with me its him he dosent know how he feels about anything.I dont understand how u can full out of love with some1 while haveing 2 children with them 1 minute he wants to give it another go and then about 2 days later he tells me that it dont feel right and tells me again he dont love me.Am still haveing sex with him cos i want him to love me so much i know this is not the answer but it feels so rite for me.Iv never cried so much n my life and it hurts so much .He is now saying he wants to give it another go again but if i do is he gonna break my heart again and how do i ever get over the words that he says when he said he dont love me help am so over the place .


  • Hey hun! Big cuddle. Sorry to hear that your going through all this! I really wouldnt know what to suggest. I personally dont understand how u can fall out of love wit someone whose a major part of your life.i dont know if i would stay wit my oh if he told me he didnt love me are idiots though!i would do what u feel is best for your children that maybe being apart. I hope u r ok (stupid q) if you wanna chat we r all here x
  • I'm so sorry. I don't have any advice but i just wanted you to know that i am thinking of you and hoping you manage to patch things up with your husband. I dont know what else to say. xxxx
  • I can't even imagine what you feel like right now, I have been through the same thing but children weren't involved and I often wonder how it would be if the same thing happened again.

    I know it's easy to say (It was said to me) but don't sleep with him hoping that he will stay. If he wants to stay it has to be for you not a warm bed (don't mean that to sound harsh). Only you can decide if you should let him stick around but think about you and your children not his needs. It is hard to be strong at times like this but I know from experience that you will start to work things out in your head and you will come to a decision eventually.

    Hope my rambling helped xx
  • Thanks girls

    I reli still dont know what to do.
    Iam just going to be there 4 my girls there my life and its up to him to decide what he wants from us x
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