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Hi Ladies,

Just a bit of a worry really.. Hoping for some sense to be knocked into me...

I got the implant put in on the 23rd Feb this year because im too forgetful with my pill (was on Cerazette)...

The problem is i havent had a period since 13th January this year... Am i pregnant? I keep feeling butterflies in my lower tummy, like how it felt before when i was pregnant with Zaki... Am i just paranoid though?

I'm so scared to take a test...Ugh lol... Someone please tell me im just being stupid lol

Thanks and hope everyone is doing well image xxx



  • I've been getting strange feelings like i'm pregnant as well (my af is all over the place as i've just stopped bf-ing) but i know i'm not pregnant now as i've took several tests to make sure.

    Take a test to put your mind at rest. It's more than likely nothing, but untill you know for sure one way or another, you will keep thinking about it and like me, probably imagining symptoms.
  • I can't speak from personal experience, but a friend of mine had the implant and didn't have a period for over a year - and she wasn't pregnant.

    I'd take a test just to be on the safe side, and then enjoy no af's while it lasts?

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