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Baby Proofing?!

Well Jax is crawling now and is getting quicker by the day so I'm going to have to think about baby proofing the house!

Has anyone got any idea on where to start? Everywhere I look I can see hazards and I'm on the verge of wrapping him in bubble wrap with knee pads and a crash helmet!!

I know about the cupboard lock things, but what about radiators? door hinges? table corners? the T.V stand??!! Argggghhhh!!xx


  • haha ive been thinkning this i bought a few packs they were selling in the pound shop got the basics socket covers door stoppers cupboard locks ect.... however the tv stand i am constantly moving Morgan from there and by our fire place its marblr n i worry about the corners .......... may have to invest in a play pen lol but keeps me on my toes x

    i have noooo idea xxxx
  • I know what you mean about being kept on your toes, I've lost 3 lbs this week so it may very well be good for me to run about after him for a while!!

    I've got the socket covers. I never thought of door stops, might have to pick up a few!!

    I made a kind of forte around the t.v stand with pillows today, but it made him even more determined to see what was behind them!! xx
  • we also discovered another hazard today .. the pipes under the raidiator .... verrrrrrrrryy hot !! and Morgan went to grab it ! ppheww glad i saw it coming ... its crazy!
  • Funnily enough, I burnt myself on the copper pipes at the end of the radiator yesterday - dusting the skirting-boards for the first time in yonks!! It's added to the list of hazards!! Anymore? image xx
  • mad isnt it lola-mae also crawls like lightening at the mo shes content with opening xmas pressies under the tree and eating gift tags off them. She usually goes for wires though and rams em straight in her mouth image just to add about the copper pipes in my bedroom i have them running from the cieling to floor on one wall my friends 1 year old rammed her hand in it last year and got 2nd degree burns on it so they really do need covering
  • Yikes, that's not good.

    Yeah, Jax is quick when he wants somehting!! He's started pulling himself up in front of the sofa, so now I can't even move the 'hazards' onto there because the wee tyke can get them!!

    Crazy how quickly it's going, I want another.... image
  • I'm tempted to get my fil to make up some radiator covers, you know the wooden ones that you put over the top, just so i know Oliver can't grab them. He's not quite crawling yet (desperate to though) but he's managing to shuffle himself around.
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