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Yay! A good nights sleep!

Not much point to this post, just want to celebrate! Since Mathilda has been home she's refused to sleep in her cot so I've had to have her in bed with me. But last night she slept in her cot (well in her car seat in her cot LOL but hey it's a step closer!). I'm so chuffed as I had images of her still on bed with me when she was 4 yrs old! She slept from. 9pm to 2.30am, had a massive feed then slept again from 3.30am to 6.30am. Let's hope tonight is the same. imageimage xx


  • Aw lucky you! I was chuffed when Oliver missed one of his feeds the other day! It was brilliant! I cant wait for him to only wake once or twice!
  • Omg Mathilda has just got herself off to sleep without me having to feed her or cuddle her to sleep! It's almost too good to be true today! Time for a cuppa I think! Xx
  • Well that was short lived! Mathilda was up from 1am to 6 am last night cluster feeding and generally being a diva. Thank god my mum came round today to help out - I've been like a teary zombie all day! Xx
  • aww hope it gets better soon lola-mae had 2 days like that but now has sussed it she cluster feeds in the evening gets up once in the night and cluster feeds in the morning again i just feed on demand big hugs
    claire and lola-mae 1 month today x
  • Now I could live with that! I feed on demand too, but last night was hard as I'm sure mathilda was using me as a soother more than actually feeding. Plus she was getting quite restless at the breast. Was rather frustrating as she normally feeds well. Hmmm, fingers crossed tonight is better.
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