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G/C from June...Advice please?

Hi all, I'm gatecrashing from born in June... I need an op under a general soon and have to work out how much milk to provide for my daughter Phoebe for a day's worth and as I'm breastfeeding I have no idea how much she takes. I find expressing so hard (bloody painful due to having stupid saucer-size nipples I think) so next few weeks'll be interesting trying to get enough.

Could you let me know how many ozs your LO takes in a day? When you reply could you also say how old you LO is so I can get a basic ballpark figure please? Phoebe's 17 weeks and I think the op will be in about 3 weeks when she'll be 20 wks.

Thanks all
Ames x


  • Hiya Ames,

    My lo is 19 weeks, and i breast feed also. When i give him EBM, he normally had about 5oz per feed, but recently i've noticed him being more hungry, and will take between 7-8oz.

    Hope that helps image
  • My son is 22 weeks (i think... omg i have forgotten the weeks!!) - 5 months anyway - and he is on 7oz per feed x
  • my daughter is 20 weeks and has four 7oz bottles a day plus 2 meals. xx
  • my lo is 22 weeks and is the same as mrs smith she takes 4 7oz bottles now and 2 small meals a day
  • Thanks so much ladies, I'm giving about 5 feeds a day and from what you and some of the June ladies say it looks like around 7oz is the average. I reckon I'll try to get about 35-40 oz built up for her, and will get some forumla in just in case. thanks again, and btw your avatars are so cute. x
  • J takes 35-42 oz a day split between 7oz feeds. He is 20 weeks.x
  • That sounds like a sensible amount. How much does your LO weigh as well as that might make a difference? Theo is 21 weeks and weighs a bit over 17 lb (haven't had him weighed for a while but last time he was just over 17). He takes 5 x 8oz feeds per day plus some rice and fruit / veg. I think 35-40 would be fine and you can always rely on formula if it needs topping up.
    hope your op goes ok. xx
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