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how much do all our bubba's weigh now ?

hi everyone ,maddison has been a bit slow at putting weight on lately, she's still gaining a few ounces a week she was 7lb 4oz born and last week at 15wks weighed 11lb 7oz , just thought it'd be nice to see how all the other may babies are doing :\)

wow all these babies are doing really well maddi seems the smallest lol but she is going up nicely on her chart got her weighed today and shes 12lb2oz so put on a fair bit from last time , bless her i put that down to the rusk i've just started giving her once a day mixed with her milk :lol:

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  • Hiya

    Toby was born 7lbs 6ozs... he's 20 weeks on Tuesday (eeeeek going so fast!) and last time he was weighed about 2-3 weeks ago was 14lbs 10ozs. I don't think he'll have gained much when I get him weighed this week as he looks leaner all of a sudden!

  • hehe !! Morgan was 9lb 3oz born and shes 18 weeks now and 17lb 12 oz !! wow
  • Oliver was born 8lbs 1oz, he was weighed last week at 16 weeks, and he weighed 15lbs 3oz.
  • lola-mae was 8lb7.5oz born and weighed 14lb10z last weeks at 18 and a half weeks
  • at birth laila was 8lbs 8oz and at 15 weeks Laila weighted 14lbs 14oz image expect shes well into the 15lbs now though as thes 17 weeks friday... will weigh her weds after baby swimming x
  • Joseph was 6lb 13 born and a couple of weeks ago at 16 weeks was 14lb 2 so he has caught up quite well! lol He's really off his food though, struggling to get him to take 20 oz in a day, so don't know if he will have put any on in last 2 weeks - getting him weighed on wed. xx
  • manicmiz lola-mae is the same im lucky if she has 20 oz a day too my hv not botthered has yours said anything
    claire xx
  • Had Jamie weighed yesterday he's 18lb 7 oz and was 6lb 9oz when born but he was 5wks prem so think he was always meant to be a chunker!!xx
  • I always feel a bit sorry for Jax when people ask how much he weighs image

    Had him weighted at 17 weeks and he was 20lbs 3oz, he's 19 weeks now so god only knows what he's weighing in at now! The problem with my HV is that she never takes his length, he's quite long and they don't take that into consideration. I often feel like they think I'm giving him cakes!! (which I'm not - obviously! ) xx
  • Caleb was 20 weeks on Sunday and last wednesday he weighed 16lb 15oz. image
  • Claire, no my hv didn't seem bothered at all as he hadn't dropped much on those lines on the charts. I'm worried about his fluid intake though, surely it's not good for that to drop so much. (he won't take any water worth mentioning). Will see what his weight's like tomorrow.x
  • Logan was weighed today at 19 weeks he is 19lb 8oz. He was born 8lb 10oz
  • hi manicmiz lola-mae had 14 oz in total yesterday screamed blue murder for an hour before bed and wouldnt take the milk so i gave her some hipp organic baby diluted baby juice and added more water to it and she gulped the whole lot so shes thirsy. I saw my hv today and she says shes not worried as shes still put on 5 0z in a week she told me to stop the juice i told her no as lola-mae wont take water either and said i would rather her have a bit of suger and get some fluids down her than nothing at all (she didnt say much afetr that lol) but i will only give her juice at night i dont want her getting used to it and turning down milk so she always gets juice lol i know babies are so clever. i hope your lo gets sorted xx
  • Amber is weighing in @ 14lbs 8oz not that big reli as she was born at 10lbs
  • I took ciara to be weighed today (turned 20 weeks on tuesday) and she is now 14.10, which im really pleased with! she was born 7.4 and lost loads of weight, by week 5 she was her lowest she was 6.13...was totally gutted as she lost the weight within a really short time...anyway after a night in hospital and lots of tests they revealed that she was fine and just not feeding too thats when i started mix-feeding and shes managed to catch up to her 'line in her red book' so im really proud of her.
  • Laela was born 5lb 13oz and now at 17 weeks weighs 11lb 3oz
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