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shes sitting on her own :)

emily has finally worked out how to sit on her own. im sooo pleased, she didnt seem that impressed though image

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grr i have no idea how to post it on the screen, only just managed to post the link.

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  • wayy heyyy well done Emily!!! she looks so cute
    wats she playing with??
    Morgan does this but after a bit she falls to the side lol !!
  • thanks girls. i ordered her an ELC splash mat from ebay thinking it would be a big thing she could lie on and that pathetic sized thing is what turned up!! you fill it with water and all these little shape things float around and baby bashes it to get them moving( im sure i'll regret teaching her to bash things lol).
    emily doesnt fall to the side but she sits so far forward that she just falls flat on her face, yesterday was the first time she managed to stay up. xx
  • Aaawww brilliant !!!! It gets so much easier once they can sit up, Jamie is nowhere near but his big sister was sitting up from 4 months xx
  • leesy isnt sitting up yet the heath visitor says shes lazy it figures thow he takes after her dad lol xx
  • Logan is also sitting on his own he has been for 2 weeks steadily before that he would wobble and fall over. I find its so much easier because he can play much better.
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