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What's your routine like now?

Hi there

Just wondering how all of your routines are going these days - how has it changed as your LO has got older and / or started on solid food?

Theo has been on solids for a little while now (he is a big baby and couldn't wait for 6 months!) and so is on 3 meals a day with milk in between. I did some sleep training recently and it means he's now sleeping through the night which is great.

But i have noticed the nap rutine has gone totally out the window. Although his feeds are pretty regular like this (all times approx, I let him be the guide but usualy differ by no more than 30 mins):
7am - wake and milk
9am - breakfast (solids)
11am - milk
1pm - lunch (solids)
3pm - milk
5pm - dinner (solids)
6pm - bath
6.30pm - milk and bed

The naps though just seem to get slotted in wherever now and last only about 20-30 minutes. Although I'd rather this set up with short naps and a long night sleep, he does get a bit cranky by the afternoon and I'm not sure how important it is that he gets proper naps during the day.

What's your day like?


  • Hiya Moomin !!!
    ooo our routine is soo similar lol Morgan she does the following...

    7am wake + milk
    9am breakfast (baby cereal)
    11am milk
    has a little 30min nap
    1pm lunch (fruit)
    4pm milk
    has a hour ish nap
    6.30pm tea (veg)
    7pm bath
    8pm milk - bed !!! image

    pretty much the same every day

  • Ours is fairly similar, although Oliver isn't sleeping through yet!

    6am - wake up and talk to himself in his cot
    7am - bf & nap (about 30 mins)
    7:30/8am - get up
    8:30am - breakfast (Baby rice/porridge)
    9am - bath&massage or top&tail
    9:45am - nap (15-30 mins)
    10 ish - 11 playtime
    11am - bf
    1pm - lunch - (veg & fruit)
    1:30pm - Nap (up to an hour)
    2:30 - 6pm playtime
    3/4pm bf
    6pm - Tea (Veg & Fruit)
    6:30pm - pj's
    7pm - bf & bed

    His milk is still pretty much on a demand basis, so he will generally have these as his main bf's but will have more if he wants it, and is still waking a fair amount to feed during the night :S
  • Moomim, that's a perfect routine / times guide for us - similar to what we are doing (but not with the food) so really useful to see it written down - thanks!

    Toby still waking up REALLY early - 5am some days and we can only really manage to keep him in bed 'til 6am ish then! :roll:

    I try and keep his bottles as close to 7am as I can, but 6.30am is fine really as to be honest, that's what we'll prob. end up doing for when I am back at work in 2 months. So....

    6.30/7 - bottle (7-9ozs)
    9.30 - breakfast
    10.30/11 - bottle (7-9ozs)
    2.30/3 - bottle (7-9ozs)
    5 - dinner (and bottle if he appears to want it of 7-9ozs)
    6.15 - bath
    6.45 - bottle and bed (7-9ozs)

    Nap wise, he always has one 1-2hrs after "getting up" for about 45mins. Then he tends to have another 2-3 naps in the day for about 45mins each too, it really depends on what we're doing for the day. No set times for naps, but they are roughly every 2-3hrs. I do worry they will clash a bit with his meal times but we're still being led by T so will do whatever.

    Weaning hasn't been going well but fingers crossed we know what wasn't working and can now resolve it! (hates being strapped in highchair and wearing a big bib! amongst other things...)

    Joo xxx
  • Hey ours is pretty much the same as yours! and works well, Laila cant stay up later than 7, so i bath her around 6 else she'd want to go bed then! she has only been having breakfast and lunch so far but think this week she'll be having dinner too image so far Lailas taken really well to solids so hope it continues image xxx
  • Hi Moomin

    My routine is very simular

    7-8am 6oz milk plus breakfast
    10am milk 6oz
    12-1 lunch and pudding plus 6oz milk
    3pm 6oz milk
    5-6pm tea with 6oz milk
    bath 6-6.30
    bed milk 8-9 then bed

    I'm lucky Logan has slept through from 8 weeks old apart from when he needed weaning he has the odd night where he wakes up but I usually just go in check he is ok then leave him and he goes back to sleep himself unless its his teeth.

    Im glad the sleep training has made things easier for you
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