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going backwards???

Hello mums,

My 23month old lil man has been waking up to 6 times in a night for the past few days, i dont know if he has more teeth coming through or if it is something else! my h/v is useless so i was wondering if any1 had any ideas?????


  • Hi Katie

    Welcome - I see your quite new to the forum! My LO started doing this for a while and it's so hard to know what causes it - you're always guessing, plus in the middle of the night I know I am not at my best able to judge!! My LO had an ear infection which was obviously the root of the problem, and once we had cleared that up he started sleeping again - with a bit of 'help' from me - ie I had to leave him to cry for a little while (controlled crying) as he'd got used to me comforting him while he was in pain. Last week he woke up two nights in a row again and a new tooth has now come through so I suppose that was it - but he's fine again now. Sorry this isn't much help really, just commiserating! Maybe see how he is in the daytime - do you think he's teething from any other symptoms or does he seem to be in pain from anything (when Theo had his ear infection he was off his food too so I knew something was up). If he seems fine, ,do you think he has just got into a habit of waking up - maybe with you going into him - maybe he's just come to expect it now. I'm not suggesting you do controlled crying as it's not for everyone, but whatever you did to get him to sleep through in the first place.
    Also, you have posted this in the forum for babies that were born in May 09 - it's a bit of a quiet forum, so you might have more replies if you post this again in the 'Baby' forum.
    Good luck - hope you get some sleep soon if it hasn't already resolved itself xx
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