would you go?

My mum has asked me if i would like to go on a girly weekend with her, my auntie and my sister at the end of november..Its not far away..to newcastle on a shopping trip, night in a hotel and more shopping etc. so now im in 2 minds..should i go or not. I dont see my sister too often because she is away at university so it would be lovely to spend time with her.....but i dont know how i would cope spending the night away without ciara. i know she would be fine with her daddy (they are great together) but i dont know how i would manage without her..id feel like i was 'missing something' the whole time. What do you think? would you go?


  • Grrr, BE ATE MY REPLY!! It went a little like this....

    Hmm, I'd go, easy for me to say though!

    You know she'll be fine with her Daddy and it'll do you good to recharge for the night and catch up with your sister. It's not like you're doing it every weeked! It'll also be nice for you OH to have her overnight himself, he'll get all the 'night night' cuddles!! (wish my OH would be capable of that!!)

    You could get all your Christmas shopping doen in peace - I'm dreading manouvering a pushchair around town in Nov/Dec. Let us know what you decide.xx
  • I would go ! you knoe shell be fine with her daddy , also be nice to have some time on ur own . and in a strange way its nice to miss someone then come home to see them (if that makes sense)
    it will be good for ur lo too to spend some alone time with her daddy image
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