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Starting to wake in the night! (also in baby)


Hi my son is now 19 weeks and has been sleeping through 7 until 7 from about 10 weeks, but for the last 4 or 5 nights he has been waking every night (only once though). I have tried putting his dummy in and that works for 10 mins and then he cries again. I have also tried feeding which he takes a fair bit of but then when I do that, he wont have his 7/8am milk!

I'm wondering if he is teething as he is quite grumpy during the day and has pink cheeks and lots of dribble. Not sure what to do, has anyone else had this??




  • My little one did this a few weeks ago she sleeps 9pm til 7am but was waking at 4am for about 6 nights in a row.... however i gave her a little bit of pureed fruit in the evening and shes gone back to sleeping through... i am weaning her now but i think it was just a growth faise or it could be like u said teething ... (i have no idea about teething hehe ) xx
  • Thanks JoJo, it's good to hear i'm not the only one. He already has fruit in the evening, but hopefully it's just a funny few days! It's a bit of a shock to the system though isn't it!
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