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Formula Feeding and water! Help!

Over the last 2 days my LO has gone from being mainly EBM to soley FF,

in this hot weather should I be giving him water to drink alongside the formula?

Is it OK to do so?

and how much is he allowed???

The HV and MW both told me not to give any water as he was on EBM but not sure what happens now he FF!


Judith + Dex


  • Hi my lo is ff too and my HV advised to give no more than 2 oz in a day else it might interfere with the amount of formula they will take. HTH M xx
  • Yeah, Jax is FF to. Midwife at the hospital told me not to give him water, apparently they prefer them to get the calories from the milk.

    But, my HV said it was ok and now I'm trying to get 2oz into him everyday, I find it dilutes the formula in his tummy a bit and he goes to the 'toilet' everyday, so isn't really bothered with constipation.

    I hate being thirsty so figured he might be the same!! He takes it well, although I find he spits a bit more of it back out!xx
  • midwife told me not to give zaki any water...

    health visitor said to give him 2oz of prune juice or baby juice diluted with 2oz of water... (because its sweet and babies dont always like plain water)- prune juice apparently helps with softening bowels... and its worked a treat with zaki he takes a few minutes to get used to the taste- as hes used to milk lol image
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