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Well JJ (James Joshua) will be 8 months on the 18th. Can't believe how quickly time has flown. Sometimes feels like yesterday I went into labour with him.
He's now having 3 meals a day and loves his food - still having trouble cutting the bottles down, but slowly getting there.
He babbles to himnself all the time and is fascinated by his big sister - He seems to prefer women to men and will cry when my brother-in-law tries to hold him. Typical mummy's boy I think!
He has been commando crawling for about a month now, and over the last week has started to do it properly which just looks hilarious as he gets frustrated and just lunges forward.
He sleeps through the night from about 8:30pm to 6:30am.
He's starting to get different traits every-day and is developing his own character - so stubborn!!


  • awww bless !! its nice to hear how everyones Lo are doing !!
    Morgan will be 8 months on the 18th too !! i cant believe how quickly its gone either. im back at work next month!! noooo !! booooooo !!! hehe
    i actually feel ready to go back now.

    Morgan she is on 3 meals a day too and has 4 bottles 4-6oz and one breastfeed.
    Shes such a busy baby.. she doesnt stop especially since shes mastered crawling forward (she was going backwards for a few weeks first) and she is fast.
    We had a brill christmas our house now looks like hamleys haha ! he favourite present was her pink vtech first step baby walker! she loves it!

    shes sleeping 8pm til 6.30ish and i can sometimes get her back to sleep til about 8ish.
    the last two weeks shes changed sooo much so playing and able to mumble alot more haha shes funny.
    we are still doing waterbabies , and going to start tumbletots in feb !
    hope your all well !!
    ps - Morgan has started to tantrum already ! lol great
  • dbl post :lol:

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  • It's fab to hear how other babies are doing.

    Jax is a bit of a show off who has recently, 2 weeks or so, starting to pull himself up onto the sofa and in his cot - I actually watched him cruise from along the front of the cot the other day! He's only now figuring how to get back down from standing- after a few crash landings. He's crawling and laughs as he goes near something he knows not to touch- which is fab for us!!

    He'll be 8 months on the 10th and is yet to cut a tooth!! He can do 'ta-ta' when he wants to, usually when going to bed, very sweet.

    His favourite toy at the moment is a plastic bath toy shapped like a frog, can't get the damn thing off him!! He's developing opinions and has so far been a great baby, self-settles, self-feeds, rarely crys and is very laid back.

    We're down to 3 bottles a day, 8oz, so still quite alot, but I'm not worried too much. Haven't had him weighed for 10 weeks, so going to go this week if the weather clears up. He's in 9-12 month clothes now as well!!

    We're starting rhyme time at the library this month, so looking forward to that!xx
  • It is nice to hear how everyone else's babies are coming along - somehow I feel a little more reassured that JJ is on target. Just to add - JJ hasn't cut a tooth either! There has been PLENTY of chewing and dribbling but no pearly whites as yet - much to Mummy's checking and frustration. image I think his best toy this Christmas was his Chicco baby walker - he loves it and zooms around the front room so fast - the only problem is that he grabs things he shouldn't be able to! x
  • Morgan has no sign of any teeth at all ... hehe yer i know wot u mean with the Walkers ... now im moving everything in reach high ... can kinda get the feeling thats wat its gonna be like from now on especially when she learns to walk !!
  • Phew! Glad it's not uncommon for them not to have teeth yet, everyone keeps saying 'oh my lo had 4 teeth by 5 months...'

    We even asked Santa for one! :roll: He doesn't even seem to be teething any more,no rosy cheeks or grumps, still alot of chewing, but that's probably because he thinks everything he sees is food!xx
  • Matthew will be 8 months on the 22nd, and has had two teeth since about 5 1/2 months - he has a lovely toothy smile, but he occasionally bites me when he's bf'ing.

    He's babbling to himself, and has come along in leaps and bounds over the last couple of weeks, but he's not crawling yet, or getting about independantly in any other way.

    He loves to be standing, and can stand (with us holding his hands) for ages, bouncing his little legs to music.

    We have an active social life - Monday is Bumps n Babies, Wednesday is Rhyme Time at the library, Thursday is Melody Minis. and on Fridays we meet friends in the baby multi-sensory play zone at our local leisure centre.

    Hasn't time flown!! xx
  • emily will be 8 months on the 17th, and she has 7 teeth now! the first 2 came through at 4 months and the other 5 came within the last two weeks so a very grumpy girl for santa lol.

    ive only just managed to cut her down to 3 7oz bottles a day with 3 meals and whatever else she can steal from plates (im not joking, she snatched hubbys bacon sandwhich the other day, he found her chomping on the bread when he came back from the loo lol)

    she loves to sing and says mum and dad now, only when shes really tired though. her favourite toys are her walker and her bouncing tigger with rattle.

    shes now crawling backwards and has just mastered standing in the last few days. she goes to bed at 7pm and will either wake at 7am for a bottle and go straight back to sleep or she wont wake til about 9am.

    i havent been to any groups with her yet but i am determined to start now, she does seem really scared of crying babies though so im not sure how long that will last. i will make sure we at least go swimming or something though.

    im really enjoying her at this age and seeing her little personality develop,im a bit sad that its all going so looking forward to spending quality time with her this year as next year we're trying for a little brother or sister image

    glad to hear all the other babies are doing well xxx
  • aww what a nice thread ive been really lucky with lola she slept through 8pm till 9am from 8 weeks only cries when hungry or tired (although my middle child yazmin was an absolute nightmare cried 247 and still whinges now lol. i think the stork had some making up to do ). Lola-mae is 8 months on the 11th. She has 2 teeth and another just under the gums she started commando crawling just before 5 months and mastered proper crawling at 6 months. She learned to sit up on her own on xmas day and has been standing for a few weeks but only if i stand her up and today she pulled her self up for the 1st time i cant believe how fast shes growing up my other 2 wernt this quick im sure lol. Lola-maes favorite toy from santa was fisher price stack around silly town she likes it so much im going to get the train to add on image Good luck with the making babies mrs smith I got proposed to on xmas day so am now planning my wedding for next year this year is proving to be good already.
  • Aw, lovely hearing how everyone's lo's are doing. Oliver's going to be 8 months on the 23rd. Can't believe he's getting so big!

    Oliver still isn't sleeping through, and is still sleeping in our bed from about 2am on wards :S. He's currently in our room so it's hard to get him to settle in the night when he can see us in bed, but we're about to move and hopefully rectify this with him having his own room.

    He's now on 3 meals a day, with lots of breastmilk and water in between. He's got his bottom two teeth through and i don't think it will be long for his top two as he's constantly dribbling and chewing on anything within arms reach.

    He's not quite crawling yet, although he is desperate to. He can shuffle himself backwards but he just gets frustrated because he moves further away from what he is trying to get to. He's very sure on his feet though, and is constantly pulling himself up on things and trying tp walk along things.

    I'm starting back at work next monday, which is quite exciting, i'm feeling like i'm ready to go back now, and not too guilty as i know my mil is going to look after oliver, so he will be well cared for while i'm away.
  • hey, what a lovely post its so nice to hear how our may babies are coming along.
    Ciara has 4 front teeth now and looks so grown up with them. She is a brilliant sleeper and sleeps from around 8till8 (she hasdone from being a few weeks old) She loves bath time, and having her nails cut!?-she keeps her hands perfectly still and then admires them LOL. Ciara isnt crawling yet and doesnt seem too interested she gets into crawling position but then starts shouting, she will get it eventually. She is having 3 'food' meals a day and is enjoying different foods, especially likes broccoli! She can say Daddy and dadda but is refusing to say anything remotly like mummy. Ow and today when the cat was trying to sit on my lap while ciara was with me, she started yelling 'off, off' at him and blowing raspberries lol.
  • Hi, My LO is 8 months now and how time flies ! He has been sitting up from 5 months and even standing from around then , he now sits quite happily and is very sturdy and can walk around the furniture too ! He can do clap hands and also he can pull himself up from sitting to standing but unlike most of your little bundles he has no teeth as yet !!
    Every day I keep checking but nothing ! He is teething but still none ! I was hoping he'd have one for Christmas !
    He goes to bed around 7pm and usually wakes around 530 so anyone who gets to sleep until 7am - very lucky !!
    He doesn't sleep through as such , sometimes he just needs his dummy but he dosen't have a bottle through the night.
    I fall in love more and more every day with him and can't bare the thought I have to go back to work !!
  • Toby was 8 months on 5th May - he was an early May bubba!

    He's doing really well - he's an incredibly happy and smiley baby. I went back to work 2-weeks ago and he started nursery 4-days a week. Every night they say how happy he's been and how he's no trouble at all apart from getting a bit grizzly near naptimes. His naptimes are a nightmare at nursery and he is sleeping very badly at night!

    He cut his first tooth last week after WEEKS of teething issues!

    He started commando crawling a while ago, then first crawled forward about 3/4 weeks ago. He had a rest (LOL!) then started doing it last Friday - he went for it full on!!! He LOVES it and my heart melts everytime I see it!!!

    He's on 3 meals a day and some days loves his food, other days he doesn't. He still doesn't like milk very much and we struggle to get 14ozs ish a day in him so we up his calcium with cheese and yoghurts. He adores cheese!!!

    I miss him soooooooooo much being back at work!

    Joo xxx
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