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How much....? everyones LO taking?

Jax will be 5 weeks tomorrow and is taking 7oz every 3/4hours, (although he is sleeping 11 - 5 most nights)

I'm just a bit worried he's a greedy guts! I'm dreading (already) that he'll be the 'greedy kid' at school - how ridiculous am I?!

This parenting thing is hard work!!

Claire, xx


  • Dont worry, Laila is only 16days old and she had 4oz every feed she feeds every 4hrs, and sometimes she looks for more and will have another couple ozs!!! i was really worried i was giving her too much, but she was 8lbs 8 when born and i guess she just needs a bit more? when she does have the extra its usualy before feeds and luckily she norm sleeps an extra hr or 2! think u just have 2 go by their needs image xxxx
  • Phew! I was worried I was over-feeding him. He was 8lbs 8oz at birth to, he was weighed last wed and is a chunky 11lbs 13oz!

    But I suppose as long as he's happy!

  • hi mcgillair lola-mae is 5 weeks tommorow and has 3 oz every 3 hours but sometimes only goes 2 but sleeps from 1130 till 5ish then goes back off till 9 she was 8lb7.5 born too so it sounds about right i really wouldnt worry about it they will only take what they need
    claire and lola-mae
  • Hi, Joseph was 6lb 13oz born and is now 4 weeks and 1 day old. He generally takes about 3-4oz every 3 hours but sometimes only goes 2. He still wakes lots in the night too - 12ish, 3ish and 6ish. So it sounds like you are quite lucky to me!! lol I'm sure if he was getting too much he would be sick. M x
  • wow sxy chick, cant believe how well ur lo sleeps at night! Laila sometimes feeds more at night at will go 5hrs instrd 4, which i love when she does! but usualy up about 3 times, which is a killer for me as i like my sleep,lol xxx
  • I have no idea how much my lo takes as I'm breastfeeding but I would say that if you're not forcing your baby to finish a bottle when he's not that interested, and he actually wants it then give it to him. My lo is 2 days off 5 weeks and when I had him weighed yesterday he was 11 lb 10 oz so about the same as yours. I wouldn't worry about it.

    I also just wanted to say i am extremely jealous of all you ladies whose little ones sleep from 11 to 5!!! Mine wakes up every 2-3 hours for feeding through the night! Ihaven't had more than 3 hours sleep in one stretch since before he was born - and even then it was weeks before as my hips and back ached so much during the late stages of pregnancy I couldn't sleep! I am exhausted!!!!
  • i was breastfeeding but i think i must be only producing skimmed milk instead of full fat cos ciara is 6 weeks and her weight has gone up and down but never over her birth weight, so after numerous tests and a stay in hospital concluded that there is no medical reason for her not gaining weight we have gone onto formula...and she has started gaining weight..wohuuuuuuu such a relief!!!!!!! So now she is having about 10 minutes on the breast..then 4oz of formula..she drinks between 90ml and 120ml of it....thats every 3 hours. she sleeps through from 1.30-2ish until i wake her up around 6.30-7

    bailey b
  • Michael is being breastfed. He gets one bottle at about 22:00 and than has around 90-100 ml. He feeds every 2 hours and barely goes over that during the day. At night he now goes sometimes 4 till 5 hours after his 22:00 feed. After that he wakes up every 3 hours max till 6, which than he goes back to every 2 hours. (he sleeps as well 4 or 5 hours when he has a breastfeed at that time)
  • zaki is taking 6oz every 4ish hours hes exactly 1month old today! yay... hes weight is over 12lbs now... he weighed 9lb 12oz when he was born...
    he seems to sleep from 11pm-6:30/7am if he doesnt sleep all through the day...
  • lilly kick lola-mae fell into this routine by herself she cluster feeds at night has a bottle an hour from about 9pm but wont take more than 3 oz a time (must have a tiny stomache) then she has a 4oz bottle at 5 then 1-2 oz at 9 shes like clockwork now but shes gaining weight rapidly bailey b ciara does look tiny on your fb pics how much does she weigh bless her i have a chubster lol
    claire x
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