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baby rice

hi ladies

im in need osome advise.

i started weaning today and gave poppy some baby rice at lunch but just wondering if you give milk first or rice??

and is it ok to mix the rice with cooled formula then putting it in the microwave for a couple of seconds just before feeding??

today i heated her bottle and added some milk to the rice but she was starving so gave her a couple of ounces first and by the time we sorted ourselfs out the rice was cold.

Em x x


  • Hi Em..
    good luck for weaning!!! I started off feeding my lo milk first then a few tea spoons of food afterwards.

    i cant see y u cant put cooled formula in microwave before.

    i think i started Morgan with solid food at dinner time cause shes hungry in the morning,,,

    but shes on 3 meals a day now ! still breastfeeding too but its slowed down now (which is wat i wanted)
    have fun !! x
    good luck xxxx
  • iv been told to give a milk feed first (im breastfeeding tho) and then offer food as they still need all there milk until 12months old and its beta to fill them on that as apposed to food for a while x
  • To start with give the milk first as the rice will be weird, not constant, she might not know what to do with it in her mouth etc so if she's hungry she'll just get upset. Then you can start giving the food in the middle of the milk feed and finish with milk, then start withthe solids. Pretty soon you'll be onto 3 meals of solids with the milk feeds in between.
    M&K - i was told that after 6 months you shouldn't be giving as much milk - as long as it's over 600ml a day that's fine, but too much will interfere with how much solids they can take on and it's very important to make sure they start eating 3 proper meals a day for all sorts of reasons.
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