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TMI ... PIles...?

I think I have piles,

I have been on and still am on iron supplements which have slowed my bowel movements!

For the first time today I have been a few times..

I just went to the loo again and on wiping thought I had left a bit of tissue behind.... it wasn't its soft and squishy.... must to my OH disgust I made him look,

Do I have to go to the doctors? Can I use something from over the counter if I'm breast feeding??

Quite embarrassed.......


  • Ooooh it's never nice when things aren't right 'down below'. I personally would go to the docs just for peace of mind, and they could also prescribe you something instead of you having to pay for over the counter stuff. But it does sound like a pile. Keep drinking lots of water and eat plenty of fibre!
    Take care xx
  • i had piles before giving birth, and after the birth tey were huge, i had been using cream the doc prescribed which shrinks them, after my 1st poo after birth i was in agony. However i managed to push the piles back up and altho they re appear when i go for a no2 they are much smaller now. The doc will give u some steriod cream, and maybe something to help u go toilet so u dont strain, they will soon go xxx
  • Hi,

    I'm popping over from born in march! When I had my 2nd son 9 weeks ago I had piles the size of planets! (sorry tmi) before the hospital discharged me they gave me a cream called anosol which was really good you use it in the morning and evening and after each bowel movement.

    I found they shrank really quickly and the cream numed them aswell. They are really painful and annoying but they will get better just try and relax as much as you can Hun.

    Hope u feel better soon.

    Danielle and Charlie x x
  • Danielle can you use 'anosol' when breastfeeding?? I seemed to get a few after birth and going for a number 2 was agony, they seem to be shrinking on there own but cream would be good!. Too embarrased to go to docs so bought some supermarket own brand but it says not to use if breastfeeding??

    Nic & jake 6weeks
  • I have no idea nic! try and google it and see what it say's!

    Sorry not much help lol

    Danielle xx
  • im pretty sure u can use it wen breast feeding, i was! i wud prob go docs tho cuz altho anusol works for sum it didnt work for me, i needed something stronger, the 1 from the docs works alot quicker image xxx
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