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Bed time :(

Hiya, you can probably just ignore this post, i just need to write it to get it out of my system.

I'm feeling like a really horrible mummy atm as i've just let Oliver cry himself to sleep, something i've never done before.

He's never slept through, but he was in a routine where he would fall asleep at about 7pm, and sleep till about 10-ish so i had a bit of an evening for myself and my hubby when he's around, but over the past 2 weeks, he's started waking up around 8, and then not settling untill about 10/11ish. I know he's tired, he's not hungry and he's not teething at the moment, so he's not in pain.

I've finally bit the bullet tonight and fed him, given him a cuddle and put him in his cot to settle. He cried pretty much as soon as i left the room, but i left it for 5 minutes, then went and calmed him down, and put him down, then left for 10 mins, then calmed, then left for 15 minutes, and he finally fell asleep after much kicking and crawling around his cot and crying.

Basically i feel horrible for leaving him to cry, but i have to remind myself that it's better to do it now, where he'll forget it in the morning, and not leave it until he's older when it really will upset him. I know he wont hold it against me, i just feel horrible :cry:

it's worked and he's now asleep, i've popped in a few times to check he's breathing as he's lying on his front, so i've now got my evening again (touch wood)

So yeah, no need to reply, just needed to get that out my system image


  • Hey hun !
    good on u for doing this .... i really should .... but its just so easy to feed Lo then when shes asleep put her up i her cot ... i know i should let her settle herself but i think ts only gonna be a problem when its a problem for me .... but i dont mind and its not gonna make a difference for when i go back to work image (dreading that lol)

    Good for u , just think soon he wont cry hell know when u put him in the cot hell go straight to sleep! x
  • Thanks jojo,

    this is another reason i've decided to let him cry it out, he will only sleep either in my bed or on the sofa downstairs. If i let him fall asleep, as soon as i put him down in the cot he's wide awake again, but if i put him in my bed he'll stay asleep. It's just easier sometimes to let him sleep with me, especially as my husband sleeps at work 4 nights a week atm.

    I'm hoping by doing this, he'll learn to settle himself in the cot, and i'll get my bed back.
  • awww they def do sleep longer in ur bed. my lo def does ..... shes slept 8pm - 7am since about 10 weeks (very lucky) ... but she was poorly a week ago and since then shes been waking at 5am ill feed her in our bed if i fall asleep she sleeps til about 9am but if put her back in her cot shell sleep til about 7am lol !
    naughty !!! but i dont blaime her lol id sleep for longer if i was cuddled ....

    Awwww bless well i hope it works . Im lucky with Morgan once shes fallen asleep when shes fed shed sleep anywhere lol...but i have to feed or cudddle her to sleep (prob gonna cause me some probs later on but there we r not gonna do that when their 13 years lol )

    good luck with the crying image x
  • Good on you.

    I also had to let my LO cry it out when it came to day-time naps. We used to have to rock him to sleep for 30-60mins and about a month ago i decided enough was enough.The first few times he cried but now I am able to put him in his cot and i might have to go up once or twice to give him his dummy but he drops off so much quicker.
  • Oh hun I really do sympathise with you. I learnt the hard way unfortunately and I let my first rule the roost when it came to bedtime. She would go down when she decided and had to be held to go to sleep. It was a nightmare. I started controlled crying with her because I was pregnant with JJ and couldn't continue letting her go to bed when she decided. The first two night were the worst but since then she has been a dream. She has a cup of milk before bed, I give her a dummy and then walk her into her room at 7pm sharp - she has a page of a book and then she sleeps until 7am. I've done the same with JJ and he is also a great sleeper. As hard as CC is, I really do think it works.x
  • i had the same problem so done the same as you, it was really hard for first few nights but it soon worked and she now has a little winge when i lay her down then finds her thumb and goes right off to sleep day and night , the thumb is gonna be the problem lol but i cant stop her from doing that i tried with a dummy but she was never interested, my problem now is she'll go to sleep no probs at 8pm but then wakes up 2-3 times during the night and takes ages to settle its so easy just to bring her in my bed coz i'm so tired at 3am ! so dont know what to do bout that i have tried letting her cry it out but shes not giving in and at 3am i dont want her waking my neighbours or little girl who has school the next day, i dont know why shes started waking in the night again coz shes gone through the night since 8 weeks x
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