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any1 else had or heard of milk fever?

Hi all, started off with BF Laila, but my nis got so soar that we switched to bottle, i carried on expressing, so she had some FF and some BF milk, trouble is she always seemed to throw up the BF, so i decided to go cold turkey yest and let boobs dry out. Woke up today shaking with a fever and feeling so awful was worried i had an infection so went docs and she sed it was milk fever. Told me to take paracetamol for fever and to express my boobs as they were so engorged! got home and did as she sed and immediatly felt better, or better than i had, Only prob now is im back to expressing again and really want to stop as partner is back to work next week and i dont want to be stuck to the expresser wen i need to be looking after baby! has any1 else had this or any1 have any advice??? xxxx



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