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Any one still breastfeeding?

Hiya Girls hope ur all ok ?
is any one still breastfeeding.. my lo is coming up to 6 months and im still breastfeeding however it is slowing down alot as shes eating 3 meals a day .... but the last few days shes not seemed that interested in it. she will only feed for max of 5 mins !
I do really want her to go on to bottles (but shes not the biggest fan of them)
is she just weaning herself off it and the 3 meals r satisfying her.
how long r u going to continue breastfeeding for ?

any tips on helping her take a bottle ??

thanks !!! xxx Jo


  • Hiya Jojo,

    Yeah i'm still bf-ing my little boy. He's also eating 3 meals a day now and was starting to take less milk, but he started to get a bit constipated, and my hv said to make sure he's still getting enough milk as this is still his main source of nutrition and fluids :S, so i'm having to make sure he has a feed first, then his solids, and maybe a bit more breastmilk afterwards to wash it down.

    I'm not sure how long i'm going to keep feeding him for. I am considering swapping him onto bottles once he's on proper meals, but i'll see how it goes, i do still quite enjoy feeding him myself image
  • Im still bf-ing my son,He is 24weeks and eating breakfast and lunch with about 5/6 bfs, although he is the same, defo losing intrest in the milk, it was always both sides everytime 20mins atm its a struggle some days to finish one side, im shocked at how quick they prefer solids, i must admit to being slightly peeved that im being replaced by carrots and mushed banans lol
  • hey, i wish i was still bfeeding, i stopped at the end of september (i started back at work at the beginning of sept) i was expressing before work, at lunch, when i got home, and feeding her myself at bedtime but it was such hard work!and my milk was fading away because i wasnt feeding/expressing often enough. I MISS bfeeding so much!! well done ladies for getting this farwith it!!
  • I'm still bfing, and my lo is also on 3 meals a day. It is starting to get harder though, as his first couple of teeth have come through, and he's biting. I love bfing so much, but "the girls" are really starting to get sore - does anyone else have this problem, and anyone know what I can do to stop him biting?
  • hey poppy girl ........ i was reading on the super nanny website about breastfeeding and then an article i came across if they bite .... she said when they bite put ur finger in the side of their mouth and latch them off and then latch them back on and if the baby does it again u just repeat unlatching them off.... i think they soon learn !
  • Thanks joJo* - I read your post so I've tried it a couple of times - unfortunately I don't think he understands - I try and tell him not to bite, and he just smiles at me with this adorable little smile as I wince in agony. Ah well, I will keep trying and hopefully he'll get the point. Thanks for your help!
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