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spotty face..??

My angel has a spotty face? with a few slight black heads? Its so mean as shes such a cutie, I obviously clean her face every day but it doesnt seem to make a difference.. advice be gratefully appreciated.
She is 8 months old..xx


  • Hey !! is she bottlefed or breastfed? ....
    my friends lo had spots on his face but was to do with the hormones going through the breastmilk?

    i have no advice but maybe phone up the nhs line and they can advice u what to do ... Its really common so i wouldnt worry xxx
  • shes breast fed but they are more than milk spots....x
  • my lo sometimes get the odd red spot but goes after a few days ... but since shes only down to one breastfeed she aint had any ... actually it tends to come if ive got one spot .. Weird

    nhs direct 08454647 their really good ! when morgan was ill it saved me going down to the doctors.

  • could it be teething rash hunn lola-mAE gets rashes on her cheeks when she has a new tooth coming in
  • I've started using the body shop cream, little mint green tub, its fab! her skin is now lovely!!
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