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East Mid Mums! - and anyone who has braved a baby group solo

Are any of you around the east midlands....

The reason I ask is, I'm really nervous about going to mums and babies groups etc on my own!

So thought I'd check and see if we could form a gang attack method!

Has anyone been on their own? How was it

Judith x


  • hi hunn im a east mids mummy (nottingham) but i havent been to a mum and baby group alone im wary too as sometimes they are very cliquey where abouts are you
    claire and lola-mae 6 weeks xx
  • I'm in Derby - I have Dexter who is 6 weeks on Sunday - My plan is to attempt to go in the next few weeks but I am a wee bit nervous that they are all horrid!
  • ive been alone with my other 2 once or twice the church ones are usually good not preachy at all but everyone is friendly its worth a try i went to a young mums group but i wasnt quite as young as some of them i was 24 i wouldnt reccomend those i was lucky and knew someone but i saw other girls come and be completely ignored or laughed at except by staff. if you fancy going to one in the city centre one day put it on here theres a couple of us from nottingham and derby everyone could meet up and go
    claire and lola-mae 6 weeks 2 days
  • thats a good idea! a little east miflands BE mums meetx
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