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MAY already :O

Hi ladies,

I can't believe that this time last year we all had bumps and were on here waiting for who would give birth first, praying that we wouldn't be overdue...

Our little ones are going to be ONE WHOLE YEAR OLD. Its amazing how fast its gone...

Anyway rant over lol...

Just wondering, I got Zaki's feet measured the other day for his first shoes from Clarks image what size is your little one's feet? Zaki is 4 1/2 H image lol

Sophie xx


  • Toby was an overdue April baby. He is 1 on Weds! I can't believe it!!!

    We had him measured for some cruisers at Clarks a month or so ago and he was 3G.

    Hope you enjoy your LOs birthday! xxx
  • I also can't believe it's been a whole year! It's crazy! My little baby that i could hold with one arm, now doesn't even fit in my lap properly!

    Happy Birthday to all the May babies out there, and Congrats to all the May mummies for doing such a brill job over the past year!
  • happy birthday to all the May babies!! Thomas was an early June baby, he'll be one in just under 2 weeks, i can't believe it!!!

    my little "baby" is growing up, he is walking everywhere now. he is small but he has size 4G feet!

    hope all the birthday celebrations go well x
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