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Crawling, shuffli, walking yet?

It sucks that this forum has turned into a graveyard, I miss catching up.

I sound like a nutter but I just refuse to join Facebook cos I thing it is the worst invention of the devil ever & should burn in hell.

Anyway, just wondered if anyones babes are crawling, standing up with furniture, or even walking yet?

Lily gets onto all fours & rocks but alas - no crawling yet, I plant things in the distance such as dummies, toys but am thinking chocolate buttons might get her movng more!!!

Anyway, it'd be great if anyone replied or even saw this message - of not hello to the tumbleweeds!!!



  • Hehe hello Hun! How's bump?

    Ava is sitting, ending up on her front then getting annoyed because she doesn't like it. She then rolls to her back so I dont think she will ever crawl as how will she learn haha!?

    After having sara I can say I'm not concerned and she will walk eventually lol!!

    Hope your well and I can totally understan the fb thing


  • Hey

    I'm also not on FB and really miss this forum, although I never really posted much it was nice to have contact with other May mums.

    Max is very nearly crawling - any day now i hope!! Len is close behind him however Violet is not showing any interest and would much rather sit and then roll then length of the room and spin in circles!

    S x
  • Hiya Freya isnt crawling yet either. She loves sitting and reaching things and she'll throw her toys the side and then roll on to her front to get them. But she doesnt stay on her front very long, she'll play with the toys for a bit on her tummy then grab them and roll on to her back! If we put her on her front she grumps and then rolls on to her back straight away!So not convinced shes going to crawl.

    Yesterday she was sitting on my knee on the sofa and I was holding her hands and she pushed her legs down and stood up lol! So maybe she'll bypass crawling and go straight to walking image I know a baby at sing and sing that did that
  • Bump great thanks, feel lots bigger this time tho!

    My mum says I never crawled just walked straight away at 10 months.

    Lily gets so frustrated that she bangs the floor as if the objects are going to come towards her!

    Glad to see there are still some maybies left - we should start a campaign to get this forum back in business!!!

    I have been posting in 'baby' but it's just not the same when you don't know anyone!
  • hi everyone, glad to see you all on here. I am not on Facebook either and miss this forum.

    Yep my little one is crawling, as soon as he hit 8 months, he was off. Our house is now covered in stairgates, safety corners etc. He was rocking back and forth for a couple of weeks and then just worked out how to go ! He pulled himself up yesterday to a standing position for the first time yesterday. But he wont sit up, he hates it and prefers to be on his tummy.

    It is a amazing to see, but there are a lot more tears now, especially as he is convinced you can walk through the patio doors !
  • Hello, hope you and bump are well (I was Mrs Bear). This site is rubbish since the changes which is probably why no one posts here anymore. It's a shame you're not all on Facebook image

    Anyway, Sophie is crawling, but not very far. She started last week after 2 months of shuffling, going round in circles and backwards. I thought she'd never do it. She does it only to get something she wants (or to follow me whilst crying because I've left the room!) but doesn't seem that bothered by it. I think she'd much prefer to walk, she can pull up, has cruised along a radiator airer and walks round the house when holding onto my fingers.

    I never crawled either apparently, just went straight to walking.
  • Blimey - sophies a super baby!
  • He he Golden Girl, she's no super baby, just a little monkey!
  • Lol @ patio doors, we'll have that fun, one day!

    Ava only has legs in her jumparoo or if she's kicking, try and stand her up and they just flop, lol x
  • My lo isn't crawling yet either - I quite like the chocolate buttons idea lol. She's sitting lovely, and just the last two weeks she likes me "standing" her on my knees and I get huge grins from her, but she's not cruising/standing as such - all good though image Sometimes I think I should be doing more to encourage her (she hates tummy time so I don't do it very often! lol) - but she'll get there in her own time and there's too much onus on making them grow up too quick imo lol.

    Think she's getting a cold at the moment, been a bit snuffly today so have dosed her up on calpol and hoping to hold it at bay!!!

    Good to hear bump is doing nicely - am so broody at the mo but doubt we're having a second baby, love my lo though - she's my absolute World image

    Will check in to this forum a bit more often - I did for a while but you're right it's been very quiet! lol x
  • hi, didnt think any one came on here anymore!

    my little one has been crawling or two months now and is standing and trying to walk!!! my first child was lazy and very big and this time i was hoping for a tiny baby that would be a baby longer but i got a tiny little girl who wants to grow up to fast lol she is very quick to do everything, im so proud but at the same time dissappointed as i dont plan on having any more and feel she is growing up to fast image. hope your all well x x
  • Felicty has a super baby too!

    Blimey are you feeding these kiddies spinach!???

    Lily has had really strong legs since about 3 months old & I was convinced she would be super fast at everything.

    Like someone said though we shouldn't be wishing the time away & I guess the longer they are immobile the longer we don't have to move every ornament in the house & the longer they are our likkle babies!!!

    Felicity - i'm hoping this site returns to it's former glory I MISS EVERYONE!
  • So true golden - I haven't baby-proofed yet and I look round and there's lots of things she could grab, pull, break etc etc lol, no idea where to put it all out the way! lol
  • Izzy isnt crawling yet but can do a backward shuffle and will roll to things that she wants x
  • Hey

    Just quick update - Max is now crawling everywhere!!! Len is crawling backwards and Vi was up on her hands and knees over the weekend!! Wish me luck ladies - our house is about to be overrun!

    S x
  • It's hard enough with one mobile baby, so I do not envy you in the slightest Squibly. You're going to need to grow extra sets of eyes!
  • Tell me about it - it's helping my weight loss no end!

    I must be mad but I wouldn't have it any other way - I am loving every minute!!

    S x
  • HI,

    I haven't been on for a while as it seemed to die in here so good to see some posts!

    My DD started comando crawling at 7 months, she has just started wanting to climb over things (at 8 1/2 months) but doesn't stand for very long with support and is very wobbly!

    It's good to hear about everyone's babies, can't believe how quickly time has gone!

    Will look in here more often when poss now! x
  • Hi, it's good to see that there are some people still here!

    My little man started crawling just before Christmas. I think he was tempted by the presents and dangling decorations on the Christmas tree. He's always had strong legs and has been standing up against stuff for months. He now cruises around furniture or does lengths of the lounge behind his baby walker. He loves his standing!

    It's great watching him get about and my coffee table's never been as clear of stuff as it is now. Changing him's a bit of a faff though and in the evening he just crawls off from his bedroom towards his bath.
  • Lol cazzak, just looked across at our coffee table and it's covered in stuff, mugs (being used, am not slummy lol), laptop, magazines, several remotes, loads of post - you can't see the tabletop!!!! Oh dear, good job she's not on the move yet!!image x
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