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Great News

Just had to share - my OH has found out today that they have been awarded full funding (less 10%) for the work they do (OH works in the voluntary sector) which means I can officially had my notice in when my mat leave runs out in April!!

Silly but I had been terrified of the prospect of having to go back as, for me, it is not something I am ready for!!

Am having a celebratory glass of wine and breathing a huge sigh of relief!

S x


  • I am not surprised you were dreading the prospect of going back to work with 3 monkeys to look after! Congrats on becoming a SAHM - wish I could!!

    I came back in Jan & have about 5 weeks left till my next lot of mat leave.

    It's been tough being full-time, pregnant AND having a 9 month old keeping me up half the night!

    Great for your hubby that his job is going well too, not many can say that in this day & age.

    My hubs in probationary period but it doesn't look good for them keeping him on - will find out in a month STRESS!
  • That is brilliant news! I can't imagine what the childcare costs for three would be - one is going to be half my salery so it's barely worth me returning.
  • Ah that's fab news for you, breathe a big sigh of relief and take great delight in letting work know! lol xx
  • That is great news, it would have been mad going back to work with 3 little ones to look after. I take my hat of to you as looking after one is hard enough....
  • Yey thats great news!!!
  • Thanks ladies - I am hoping to get voluntary redundancy from my current post which would be nice - especially with 3 new car seats to buy!!!

    S x
  • Squibly your now going to tell me your 3 are still in their first seats right? The carrycot style ones that face the back seat?

    I really don't feel like I have a GIANT baby but Lily outgrew her first seat at 4 months!!! She has been in the stage 2 since then LOL!!!

    She weighs about 24lbs now & I don't consider her big.

    She is on the 98% percentile for height & weight & they said she is prefectly proportioned.

    Since she's been loafing round in the baby walker I think she has 'skinnied' off a bit too!!

    She was only a 7lbs 4oz fart!

  • Lord no!! I want to get 3 of the Maxi Cosi Axis seats as getting them in and out of the car is a nightmare!!!

    Max weighed 4lb 10oz at birth and is now 23lb 8oz

    Len weighed 4lb 13oz at birth and is now 23lb

    Vi weighed 4lb 1oz at birth and is now 19lb

    They outgrew their seats a while back and have done so well!!

    S x
  • That's really great news, nice work hubby!!!

  • Fab news! Must be a great relief for you.

    Nice to hear the 3 little cuties are doing so well too! xx
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