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Hey ladies

Just wondered where we are all at with the above?

My 3 are great with finger foods. They really understand self-feeding and they are beginning to feed themselves their desserts (after I load the spoon). It's messy but they love it.

Roll on the day when they can give themselves their dinner - my life would be so much easier!!!

S x


  • phoebe is really good at self feeding, she fights me when iv got the spoon so she ends up eating more finger foods than spoon foods haha!

    did you want to join the facebook group hun? everyones on there these days...x
  • Thanks but i'm not on Facebook (I know, shocking!!)

    S x
  • Wow - clever babies, are they actually picking up the spoon to feed themselves?

    Lily is no where near that yet!

    She is fine with finger foods though & can pincer a chocolate button like a pro!

    I hate that I miss her lunch & tea with being at sodding work so I really enjoy her breakfast routine:

    I put her porridge in the microwave.

    She throws a wobbly cos it is too hot to eat straight away.

    We laugh at her & she laughs back.

    She has 2 squares of toast whilst watching Peppa Pig.

  • Lol GG

    My lo is really good at picking food up, nibbling it, playing with, waving it and throwing it! lol. Some days she eats a fair bit and other days not much at all!! (lunchtime = finger foods).

    For breakfast and evening meal I spoonfeed her though and she wolfs it all down! She often grabs the spoon so sometimes she has one and I have one lol, is quite uncoordinated and messy but she does get it to her mouth if she likes it enough!!! image
  • Sophie's not brilliant at self feeding. She will do it though. She has started grabbing the spoon from me and putting it into her mouth, and also picks up handfuls of whatever she's being fed and stuffs that in, she's got no table manners! But when I do a meal of finger foods it can be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes she'll eat loads, but other times most will end up on the floor.
  • Ha ha GG!

    If I load the spoon and put it in their dish they will pick it up and suck the food off it, but no more than that.

    Our brekkie routine is my favourite part of the day. My mum and dad come round every morning to give the kids their porridge as OH has long since departed.

    As soon as they knock at the door the kids get so excited and jump up and down in their high chairs. We then have 10 minutes on Nanny going round to each of them for kisses and cuddles whilst re-itterating (sp?) the fact that 'there are no favourites' and I do the porridge. Then it's all hands on deck.

    We then chill out with Postman Pat whilst I have a brew befoe attempting to get them dressed. Max mananged to get his socks and vest on before crawling off up the hall way to find grandad!!!

    S x
  • Squibly I can only imagine the madness that is your house - morning, noon or night.

    Trying to get Lily dressed & out to the car in the morning i'm so out of breath it's a releif to finally sit in the car. Granted I do have a huge bump but still.

    The last night while me & hubs trying to eat our tea she's throwing a wobbly so i'm having to bribe her with rich tea biscuits & I did say to my hubby 'theres someone on the forum with 3 this age' he just looked at me eyes all wide!

    You need a meadal the size of a dustbin lid woman!
  • Corynn feeds herself quite well when it's finger foods and also lacks some serious table manners! She's nowhere near ready for feeding herself with a spoon though. The little madam is too curious and just turns it over to see what's on the other side of it!

    I second what GG says, Squibly - you definitely deserve a medal in my book! It's so cute your mum and dad come round to help out too image

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