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Well i took the plunge and tried the food on charlie this week! i tried him on hipp organic banana and peach dessert which is seems to love. i did try him on baby rice and apple but he did not like that so went back to the peach and banana. So i decided i would have a go at making my own. i have made carrott and cauliflower and also sweet potato and broccoli. My god the process is long had to blend it then put it through a sieve to get lumps out my arm aches ha. Anyway has anyone else made there own dinners? and what do your lo like? oh also i recorded his first feed if interested :

It was from a packet so was quite thick but he delt with it image



  • We haven't started weaning yet and I'm hoping to hold off a few weeks yet.

    But I'll probably be starting off with single things (to make sure there's no reaction) like carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash, parsnip, peas, brocolli, leek, etc. I'm going to leave it a little while before trying fruit as I've read in a few places that if it's introduced too early it can lead to a sweet tooth. But when we go to fruit I'll be trying apple, pear and banana first.

    In terms of combined tastes I'll be having a think about what I'd put in a soup - like leek with potato, parsnip with apple, and for deserts apple and pear etc
  • So far I've pureed and frozen pear and apple, banana, carrot, parnsnip and butternut squash - and may mix them together when I take them out e.g. carrot & parsnip together etc.

    Am going to get some fruit, like peaches/raspberries to do as well - although conscious she needs a balance of sweet and savoury really else she'll end up like me and a sugar monster lol.

  • Hey. I'm weaning Leo at the moment. I didn't have a clue so got the annabel karmel book and cannot recommend it more. Tells u exactly what to do, how to prepare and what foods go good together.
    I've done lots of different veg and fruit. I steam them until tender then using a bit if the water from bottom of steamer I blend into a pur????e with a hand held blender. No sieve needed for me. I put into ice cude trays, cover in clingfilm and put into freezer. Once frozen I pop the cubes out into a freezer bag so I can label them and they take up less room. I made each veg separate then on the day get out what I need and mix and match. For example for tea tonight he has potato, courgette and broccoli.
    The top drawer in my freezer is full of sweet potato, butternut squash, potato, carrot, pear, apple, peach, cauliflower, broccoli, courgette, parsnip and swede!!
    Only ones I make fresh are banana and avacodo as can't freeze them. He loves them!

    Quid enjoying the weaning so far. He lives his food and is on 3 meals a day already. I like preparing myself too. If u make a big batch u only have to do the pur????e thing every couple of months so not too bad
  • Arlik why can't you freeze banana? I have some in the freezer, I've not used it yet but is there a problem with using it? x
  • Not sure why! Just checked my book and all it says is bananas are not suitable for freezing. Doesn't say why xx
  • Just googled it and one website says it's a myth. Thunk it's because they go brown very quickly. But this website said it was ok so guess it's one of those things some say is ok and some say it isn't.
  • Hi
    Ava has so far had baby rice for her first week now she's had carrot which she loved, I froze a small batch
    Today cos I was short on time and was going out thought I'd try one I bought her an ellas kitchen pouch of sweet potatoe, pumpkin, apple & blueberry..she LOVED it after pulling a funny fave at first haha! Obviosly she didn't eat it all but it lasts 48 hrs in the fridge! There wasn't pouches when Sara was little so I'm well impressed!

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  • I'm so excited to start this phase! I still don't understand though why I've been told to start off on fruit first by the pediatrician image
    Think I might just ignore it!
  • Gorgeous video! So cute. We haven't started weaning yet. Not long now though.
  • So far we have stuck to single tastes. I'm with Arlik on this one. I was totally useless with DD1 until Annabel Karmel came into my life!

    Evie only started a week ago so is only having 1 cube a day. So far she has tried carrot, apple, parsnip, sweet potato, pear and banana baby porridge (cow and gate). Has loved everything so far except babyrice which gagged on. Did use the rice again today to thicken up the pear puree.

    Trying to get her to take water from her cup on the other hand is proving slightly more tricky!
  • Thanks Arlik xx
  • Hey ladies,
    Can I ask which Annabel Karmel book you have?
    I wasn't planning on getting a book for weaning but because everyone seems to be so happy with this lady I might give it a read...
  • I have been told to stick to baby cereal for morning and evening feed and have single vegetables for the lunch feed. And each time he is given a new veg, to give it for three days in a row to check for any reactions. Also, we are holding off on the fruit for now while so that he doesn't develop a sweet preference. He LOVES his food image its so sweet. Sam is now five months old. I think when he hits six months I will start doing more combo feeding.
  • I have been weaning Mia since 14 weeks so 6 weeks now she loves her food so much. I have to be honest tho I don't give her completely smooth food because I didn't with Lily- soft yes and easy to swallow without having to chew but it just makes life easier and I also have friends with babies the same age as Lily who gave their babies super smooth food for ages and they took a long while to move on to lumps. We also give Mia lots of finger foods which she loves- she has rice cakes (they do mini ones which are apple flavoured) and chunks of carrot, broccoli etc.
    I have made lots of home food too alot of the time I just puree whatever we are having and it goes down a treat!Trouble is I am doing it all against the guidelines...but there were totally different guidelines 2 years ago when I weaned Lily and she has turned out fine!lol

    One both my girls love is sweetpotato and butternut squash with cinnamon just half a teaspoon they love it even Lily likes it still now.x
  • I've got the annabel karmel "new complete baby and toddler meal planner"
    I found the meal planners really useful as itgives u a guide on what to introduce and when.
    There seems to be lots of conflicting advice with weaning. For instance the giving vegetables onlyto begin with as otherwise they get a sweet tooth. Some people say this is just a myth. I've given Leo a bit of everything. I don't keep him on the same food for 3 days to see if there is a reaction either as again not everyone believes this is necessary.
    My best advice is go with your instincts. U will know what's best for your baby. Leo is on 3 meals a day already after only 2 weeks of weaning. But this is what is best for him and might not be for others
  • we've tried loads of combos although to begin we I tried everything seperate a few times to make sure that Emily liked the taste and didn't have any reacitons some of the combos we have tried are,

    Parsnip and apple (Emilys fav)
    Parsnip and carrot
    Parnsip and pear
    Butternutsquash and pear
    Butternut squash and parsnip
    Peas and carrots
    Peas and broccoli
    Avocado and Papapya
    Papapya and banana
    Avocado and banana
    sweet potato and carrot
    sweet potato and parsnip

    sometimes in a morning i will do babyrice mixed with fruit to make like a fruity porridge as she won't eat babyrice on its own. She also loves melon - does anybody know if you can freeze melon?

  • sounds like all good advise ta image think ill have a look at that book. im gonna try him on veg tonight i hope the sweetness hasnt got him already image
  • just to let ya know i have charlie veg tonight and he loved it so thnkfully the sweet before savory didnt affect him phew
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