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Cried like a baby

At the cherub photo viewing (I feel such a muppet) they were so beautiful and were really not in a place where we can splash out on really expensive pics! Hubby said we can have on extra pic though image yey!
They know how to get you though, a DVD on a dark room with music, I'm crying again!! I'm full of cold and expecting af any day so am super hormonal!


  • Oh, bless you! Bet they're lovely! Did you buy a hat in the end?
    If it makes you feel any better I'm with Auntie too and keep getting mad / crying alternately. I'd forgotten how annoying this is!! image
  • No I didn't in the end, I'm glad cos she didn't use the one I had, they are stunning pics!
    Lol, stupid hormones x
  • ooh, hope I get to see your fave one image
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