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I've been doing the dreaded dummy run and having to get out of bed nearly every hr most nights. However last night we finally had success and Leo went all night without his dummy. I didn't have to get out of bed once! Was heaven! Although I was wide awake at 5 and he didn't get up till 7!!

Didn't think I was ever going to get some sleep so really happy. I'd managed to sort getting him to sleep without the dummy by putting him to bed a little later and giving him a comforter but I wasstill having to get up in the night. Well last nighthe woke at 12am and I thought I'm not getting up I'll see if hesettles himself. He doesn't cry just whinges. And low and behold few mins later he goes back to sleep. Glad I had the courage finally to just leave him and not go in.

Now just got to get rid of the dummy during the day and I can chuck the damn things away!!!

Pointless post I'm just very happy!!!


  • Well done Leo! Evie is a thumb sucker and has been for some time now. I cant throw her thumb out which is gonna be a pain. Lily is also a thumb sucker and is getting a bit old now. Grr!

    The maybies are growing up!
  • Well done! That first night of sleep is so hard isn't it? I remember waking up at about 5am wondering what on earth was wrong as I hadn't heard Sophie all night. I then went running into her room and woke her up - fool!
  • well done chick!! Ive been getting so much sleep since we ditched it, best decision we made. I find i need it sometimes for naps still because she finds it harder to self settle in the day but at each nap we spend time attempting it without and id say we're successful about 50% in the day. xx
  • Yay. That's great.
  • Well done to both yourself & Leo. We are going backwards. He has been fallening asleep (at night)without it and sleeping through but the last two nights he has woken up every hour for the dame thing to be out back in. At what age can they do that themselves? haha xxx
  • That's what I was hoping for. Just fill his cit with dummies and get him to put it back in himself!!! So annoying that they go to sleep without it but then want it back in during the night!!! Tonight we will see if last night was just a fluke! I must be strong and not go into him unless he properly cries
  • Well I spoke too soon didn't I!! Gave in tonight and he got the dummy. He didn't wake until 4.30am. Left him but he ended up full on awake and crying so ended up giving him the dummy. Oh well. Will keep perservering!!!
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