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Back on the wagon!

Ok I'm fed up with my body and my weight now, fell completely off the wagon and am getting back on it tomorrow.
I really want to go back to slimming world meetings, but cant justify the cost when it could be spent on Ryan.
So I will be weighed every Wednesday morning and will post on here as I never stayed for the meetings when I went before, just someone else knowing if I gained was enough. If anyone wants to join me....please do and if anyones got access to slimming works website (cheeky I know) can you please check the syn values of a couple of bits for me xx


  • Let me know what you want checking. I went back when Evie was 11 days old. Am now 4.5lbs less than I was when I fell pregnant. I had already lost 3 stone when I fell. Just under 3 stone to go. Hurrah!

    Does your local authority do the voucher scheme? My FIL lives in the next town to us and got 12 weeks free to begin with and then got another 12 for making good progress with his weight loss.

    Serena X
  • Wow well done Serena, thats amazing. How do you find out about the voucher scheme?

    Kayssis I need to lose 3 stone, 2 stone from Ellis & 1 stone from the 3 holidays we had before I fell pregnant. I keep starting w.watchers on my own but can never stick to it, also cant justify spending the money on classes but it may have to be done. Good luck xxx
  • yeah im starting again after going to ww when charlie was 4 weeks but i wasnt ready! Got holiday on saturday so monday back will start weight care which is weigh in on wed anyway i need to lose 3 maybe 4 image
  • I'm fed up too. I got the shock of my life when I weighed myself two weeks ago and saw I weigh ten and a half stone!!?!!! :O
    I need to lose at least one and a half to feel better. More than that, I'm sick of my post baby c-section jelly belly. I've agreed with OH that when I get back home to Spain next week I have at least an hour a day to go to the gym or run etc before I go back to work!
  • Oh, I know 10+ stone doesn't sound like a lot, but it is for me. I'm not very tall and have a slim build image
  • Well done serena that's fab! It all chocolate I'm afraid (save all my syns for my evening choc and vino) twirl, cadbury buttons, rolos and smarties, hope I'm not taking the p too much x
    I think (the morning will tell) I've got about a stone a half to lose. I lost 3st with sw last year so want to get back to my target of 10st2lb (your ten and a half would suit me nicely Mizo lol) x
  • i just got my vouchers through so am starting next week. feeling motivated, i think the SW plan is the best xx
  • I need to lose about 3 stone too.... am gonna do WW though as I'm better at keeing track at it.x
  • Standard twirl=11.5
    32g bag of buttons=8.5
    52g rolo's=12.5
    42g smarties=9.5

    I went with (from what I can see) the standard sizes.
    A bottle of wine is 30 syns (I dont even need to look that one up!)
    Serena X
  • Thanks so much hun...I really can't remember what choc I used to have, sure it was 8or9 syns, I know it was a cadburys creme egg at that time of year...
  • Well weighed this morning and am back up to 11st9lb so have exactly a stone and a half to go...have behaved today so hopefully can keep it up this time lol!
  • Sorry girls just for my benefit so i know I have to face the shame each week 11st5.8lb this morning so -3.2lbs this week, could've been worse I guess
  • That's a good start!
    I got back to Spain today so as from tomorrow my health-kick starts too!
    I was 68.4kgs when I weighed myself yesterday. Let's see if I manage to get any off over the next week!
  • Weigh-in time! And I've lost.......
    2 kgs!!! Woo! That's 4 and a half pounds. I've lost one of those kilos since Saturday just by going to the gym every day, swimming, aqua body and Wii-Fit at home! I'm so motivated now! I'm a quarter of the way to my objective. What is annoying is that I seem to be losing everywhere except my belly at the moment, anyone got any ideas? I don't want to force it too much as my hubby keeps telling me not to concentrate on sit-ups etc having had a c-section....Is he right?
  • Hi ladies,

    Can I join you!?

    I want to get to 8 and a half stone. I have a small frame and am not tall so the extra 8lbs I'm carrying definitely show.

    I'm going back to work in just under 4 weeks and really want to feel nice in my work wardrobe. I also can't afford to buy any more clothes! It's my 30th birthday in about 7 weeks and I'd definitely like to be back in shape by then.

    I'm going to try and lose 2lb a week for the next month.

  • Fab mantra SS! I'm weighing in tomorrow...been a bit of a chocolate fiend the past few days oops!

    That's fab mixti!! I cant get motivated rondo any exercise...apart from swimming with Ryan which doesn't really count! I've said I'm going to start yoga or pilates with a friend, but left it up to her to organise. Wanted to go to buggy fit but it clashes with our postnatal group image
  • I'm definitely in the HATE DIETS LOVE CAKE club! Love it. Think I might have that on my gravestone hehe! Welcome to the club, Secret Squirrel!
    Kayssis, I was a fit-freak before getting pregnant so it's been quite hard for me to be so still for a year! I was mainly a tennis player before. People think it's a fairly gentle sport, but trust me - running around for 2 hours is not easy by any means! And you use your whole body (and get an amazing arse out it!). I can't wait to get back to playing tennis too but as I usually played against hubby it's hard at the moment as we have to get a babysitter to go and play.
    I can't do just gym so I joined a place with all kinds of classes and a swimming pool which is my fave kind of solo exercise. Tonight, Pilates and more swimming! I go at 8.30pm when little one is in bed so I don't miss out on her during the daytime
  • I paid a whole year's gym membership upfront and got pregnant about a week later - whoops! Luckily they let me freeze it from February so I've reinstated it from 1st October. I'm back to work on 18th October 4 days a week and there's a strong chance we'll be moving house in the next few months. I'm hoping the stress of all of these combined at least mean I'll burn some nervous energy :lol:

    (Unfortunately my desk is the nearest in the whole department to the vending machine. Oink.)
  • Serves me right! 11st 4.2lb so only -1.6lb. Best start behaving myself!
  • Hey, at least it's something! xx
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